Activity Boards for Infants

Activity Board for Infants

Do you have a baby that’s at the stage where he/she can sit up on their own? Then you know exactly just how curious those little minds are. They want to touch, pull and play with absolutely anything and everything they can get their hands on. I must admit, before I became a mum, I could not understand why children fidget so much. I used to watch and judge other parents. It used to be so easy for me to sit back and wonder why those parents could not or would not control their children.

Yes, I am learning as I go along, that this is all part of their development and some things you just must let be. Some things on the other hand, are within control and every parent has the right to set limits, of course, safety comes first.

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I came across this Activity Board that I want to share with you – for babies that can sit on their own. It is very good for sensory development. It has a variety of things you would find in your home that your little one would fidget with. It’s conveniently attached to one board, in attractive colours. There are different textures, shapes, sizes and sounds. Enough to keep the little one entertained for long periods of time.

If you’re that parent or uncle or aunt that wants to get your child a unique toy, I think you will be impressed with this Activity Board for infants.

It’s made locally, so show some support.

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  • What will it cost you?


  • How long will my order take? 

Orders take approximately 3-4 weeks. Collection from Dunvegan  (Edenvale)

  • What colours are available?

4 colours available:  Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green

For enquiries or to place an order, contact:

Colette on 079 892 8093

Check out their Facebook Page for more photos and customer feedback: Rad Activity