Whilst I personally currently do not have a dog at this stage, I chose to share this information with you on 3 Amazing Benefits of CBD for Dogs. I know that many of my readers do have fur babies and I hope that you will find this information resourceful. I myself found it very interesting as I’ve read about the effects on human beings but it didn’t even once cross my mind that there are benefits for dogs.

I’m no expert, so the following information was provided to me.

Let us introduce you to our very important friend named CBD. The reasons why this is an important friend will be seen below in this article. but before we dive into that, because it’s the most exciting part of this information, let us tell you a bit about it.

The scientific name for CBD is Cannabidiol, and it is one of many other lucky compounds found in the Marijuana Plant (Cannabis sativa) or Weed, as some know it. There is another component also found in the plant known as THC. To know more about the other compounds click here.

The reason we are mentioning it is that in case you were wondering about the fact that weed makes you high, we just want to clarify that out of the 113 different things found in the natural organism, Cannabidiol is not the one responsible for the high, but rather THC is.

This is possibly one of the reasons why it is so appealing to researchers and professionals who have and are busy studying it to see what all it can do for us. But this train has long gone, because it has been years since CBD has been experimented with (ethically of, course) within the pharmaceutical and research industries to find that it does have some marvelous benefits to us and … our pets!

When CBD is extracted from the plant oil is created, more information about this process can be found online https://wayofleaf.com/cannabis/101/cbd-cannabis-extraction. It is then diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp oil or coconut oil and put into little dropper bottles and sold in health and retail stores. When we buy this product and either add it to our food, our pet’s food or use it topically, there have been some positive end-results documented. 

Shall we dive in?

Below is a list of 3 of the most relevant benefits of using CBD on your dog which has also been seen to improve similar conditions that humans face too.

Benefits for Both Pets and Their People

1. Anti-Inflammatory

This is almost one of its underlying paybacks, in other words, because it can reduce swelling and inflammation in our systems. reason being inflammation is one of the major causes of a lot of conditions, and if we can get rid of this underlying issue, then a whole lot of good can come out of it.

When the immune system does not work properly as it should, it leads to inflammation, harming healthy cells in the body. The ECS system which is the same in both humans and our four-legged furry family members, CB1 and CB2, interact with the compound thereby promoting the body’s immune responses and treating conditions where inflammation is rampant, such as arthritis.

2.  Anti-Cancer Abilities

Pets get cancer too, and it can also lead to suffering and the ultimate end of life. When humans get it, we resort to chemotherapy, which is the process of killing the tumors using radiation. With pets, the process may not be that easy.

The reason for this is that when humans get it, they can find ways to handle the side-effects by trying other remedies. If pets get it is incapacitating and slightly more difficult to know exactly what’s going on. Several claims have supported the fact that CBD benefits may come into play here and similarly to chemotherapy, slow the growth of tumors and hindering it from spreading.

3.  Relieves Anxiety and Stress

For a lot of canines, continuously leaving them home when you go out for work or on long trips, can be depressing. As a result, a lot of them adapt anxiety or depression or stress symptoms if not taken care of, like getting a pet sitter or dropping him off at a friend’s place who also has a pet to give him company. 

It is of course completely wrong to do this to the dog or cat and measures should always be put in place to avoid this from happening. The simple truth is if you don’t have time to look after a pet, don’t get one. As a result, when dogs stress-out then start chewing on furniture, trembling, get aggressive, bark continuously, and also get the shakes.

There could be multiple reasons for this, but we don’t think any pet owner would like such a scenario for their pooch. In which case, besides taking precautions, giving them Cannabidiol has been seen to help calm their anxiety and relieve any stress they may have. It’s like their very own anxiety-medication.  

We hope the information provided above has convinced how useful and beneficial it is to resort to giving any pet natural remedies, rather than synthetic and toxic ones.

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with information provided

6 Replies to “3 Amazing Benefits of CBD for Dogs”

  1. This article has given me a whole different perspective. Thank you for sharing. I’m truly amazed.

    1. I’m glad to hear and will always try to create and share content to educate and inform, if not to inspire 😉

  2. I really wish i had known this a few years back as we were forced to put our dog to sleep due to cancer😣 it was just the saddest moment ever as we were told there was no other option. Really glad I’ve read this.

    P.s i thought CBD was only for humans.

    1. I think you’re one of many that didn’t realise that it’s not only for humans.
      I’m sorry about your dog, at least your now aware and if you get another dog and it’s needed, then you can try it.

  3. Thanks for your interesting article. CBD shops is the big craze in Austria approximately three years now. I am amazed at its success till this day and often hear about the wonders they work. Quite a few of my friends use it regularly and it has improved their health issues. I have heard about its anti-inflammatory effects as well as that it is a soul soothing effect. I use it regularly too and I notice the positive changes in my daily live.

    It is the first time though that I am hearing that it is good for animals too. It’s highly recommendable. It works for us. Why shouldn’t it work for them too?

    1. I’ve also not heard of it for usage on dogs until now, also know someone who is actually using it for her dog and she says it’s helping. I’m curious about use for us adults but so far, I’ve heard all good things. I will do more research and thanks for your feedback as always 😊

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