Why do we Doubt ourselves?

We question our ability to do things; we procrastinate – is it because of fear?

Are we afraid of failure?

Are we just lazy and find it easier to be in the comfort zone?

Doubt is contagious. We tend to doubt others and their abilities. This doubt leads to mistrust.

It’s an unattractive behaviour. It becomes a habit, an unhealthy one. We tend to doubt everything and everyone around us. This causes issues when you have to work as a team – without any doubt, trust is important but it’s the doubt that breaks that trust…if there was any in the first place. When we doubt or question one’s abilities, we are not really empowering others. Doubt is a barrier to growth and any type of development. A leader who doubts his team certainly doesn’t boost their morale.

Why don’t we take chances? Instead of doubting, go right ahead and make that move. One has to be bold and take risks at times. If we doubt everything, we will not allow ourselves to be open to new experiences and opportunities.

Don’t look back at the past and allow it to cause you doubt about future aspirations. When you look back, look back to appreciate how far you’ve come since then. Don’t be doubtful to say or do something just because it may have not worked out in the past. It is possible that the circumstances have now changed.

In a relationship/marriage – doubt can break the bond that two people share. If you are constantly doubting whatever your partner says – it’s already a sign that there is a lack of trust.   Some things we should accept at face value, any doubt causes distance because of the uneasy feeling. When you doubt someone, you tend to cross question them – as if you’re trying to verify whatever they have said. This can be very frustrating to the other person – how many times have you met someone who enjoys trying to explain themselves, more than once, just to satisfy your lack of confidence or trust in them.

Never let doubt hold you captive. Cultivate the doubt into faith and translate them into positive actions.

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