Before I became a parent, I had lots of opinions about parenting. I used to think that it will be a walk in the park and sometimes could not fathom why the responsibility seemed like mission impossible for some parents.  Truth be told, I’ve become one of “those” parents.  Being a parent has changed me in many ways. I’ve learned and am learning so much and I’d like to share this journey with you, my dear readers. For now,  here are 7 things I’ve learned since becoming a parent:

 1.  You can never be prepared enough

Kayden certainly didn’t come with an instruction manual, not through those books I’ve read or advice from other parents nor any YouTube videos I may have watched. Kayden, like any other child, is different.

What works for one, may not necessarily work for Kayden or for your child. Understanding and accepting that each child is different and that you cannot compare your child to another does help in practicing patience.

7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery2472.  It’s important to Practice Patience

Kayden has an enquiring mind. They call it the terrible two’s but it’s just a phase where he is curious and wants to see, learn and experience new things. He asks lots of questions and it’s important for me to be patient and to answer his questions, as I don’t want to set any limitations to his curiosity in this regard as it is a crucial part of his development.

It also takes some effort when I need to practice patience and he doesn’t make it very easy – like when he takes forever to eat a meal, or even worse, does not want to eat a meal. He is just being playful most of the time and I must constantly remind myself to be patient and not to react in a manner that depicts any negative reinforcement. It’s not always easy, I am constantly working on this and I have moments where I lose control.

7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery2473.  I won’t always be in control

Yes, you read correct, I sometimes do lose control.  For someone like myself, who always used to like to be in control, a lesson I am learning through being a parent, is that things are not always going to happen the way I would like them to. No child is perfect. No family is perfect. I’ve never believed in perfection anyway – however, any dream I had of having a child/children that would obey my every word, was just a dream.

I recently discovered my “mum voice” – gosh, I am pretty sure the neighbours did too! Never had I imagined that I would be this type of parent who would raise my voice at my child. Kayden is slowly but surely helping me let go of some of my “perfectionist” habits and OCD tendencies.

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4.  We are Imperfectly Perfect

There are sometimes that Kayden doesn’t listen but that doesn’t mean that I love this precious Little Man of mine any less. He is a child. He is not meant to be perfect and his imperfections are cute, adorable, lovable and forgivable with his facial expressions.

As parents, we make mistakes and we don’t always do the right thing, but one thing is for certain and that’s the fact that we are in this together, through mutual love, respect, and trust.

7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery247

5.  Time is even more precious

Since becoming a parent, I find that time seems to be more like a rare commodity. There’s just so much to do.  That being said, my priorities have changed. To put it bluntly, I’m selective in how I invest my time and with whom – I remove myself from any potential bullsh!t or drama. Everything about my life now, revolves around Kayden, with his best interest at heart.7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery247

6.  Time Out is necessary

I give myself time to do the things I enjoy. I don’t believe that being a parent means that I should be by Kayden’s side 24-7. I’d love to and when I am out without him, I do miss him. I do know and realise it’s important for me to do these things for myself as I don’t want to one day feel miserable that being a parent is holding me back from anything in any way. So time-out is as vital as mother’s milk.

7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery247

7.  There will never be enough photos

I almost can’t believe the number of photos on my camera roll. Since Kayden was born, I wanted to capture as many moments as possible and I still jump at every opportunity to this day. I love looking back at photos, it reminds me of each milestone and each memory.

Photographic memories for me is something very precious.  It’s scary that it’s mostly digital and I remind myself that I must back up my devices regularly as I would one day like to share all these with him. Although…I have already been showing him past pictures and he enjoys doing this whilst we are snuggling.

Each time I look at a photo and at Kayden himself, I feel a strong sense of joy and pride.  I am so happy to be called, “Mum-Mum” and to be his mum. Each day I am reminded that in parenting, it’s often the child that’s the teacher.

FYI – Kayden’s Outfit details:

7 Things I learned since becoming a parent - PeanutGallery247

This week has been extremely hot in Gauteng. Yesterday (which is when he wore this outfit) was highly uncomfortable. This Jordan Air two-piece from the Rookie USA range was perfect for Kayden in such weather. It was cool and light and he wasn’t sweating so it didn’t “stick” to his body.

The last thing you want in this weather is your toddler in uncomfortable clothes.  I love the colours on him and he did too, seemed quite chuffed to have his shoulders exposed.  I love that you can dress your child from head to toe with the Rookie USA range, it usually is such a mission to get a wide variety of clothes for boys, well in my opinion anyway.  If you enjoy your child dressing in brands such as Converse, Nike, Hurley and Jordan, amongst others, which are part of the Rookie USA brand, you can shop for them at the following stores: Also, keep your eyes on this blog…there’s some exciting news coming soon.

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19 Replies to “7 Things I’ve learned since becoming a Parent”

  1. Really cool post and true. We take tons of photos. I agree with the time out. Indeed patience is very important when we are dealing with these little one. All your points are very thoughtful.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, it’s always appreciated. It’s great that we are in this digital age where we can save our memories in photos and for us bloggers, through our blogs too 🙂

  2. Omg, looks like Kayden was enjoying the photoshoot. His growing up so handsome😭😍😍and his so stylish. Im really liking his outfits these days, such a cool dude.

    1. It’s usually so difficult to get him to “stand still” to pose for a photo, but he was very co-operative, realised he doesn’t have lots of clothes without sleeves, so he was very chuffed to be wearing this. He insisted on wearing these Converse takkies, “Pappa want to wear my Converse” – goes to the cupboard and chooses it!

    1. I didn’t think I was much of a brand person, but I guess once you have a child, you want them to be trendy sometimes. The quality is excellent as well, no loose threads hanging on some of his other clothes I’ve come across in the past.

    1. mmh…natural…I don’t know, I have days when I wonder why I can’t get certain things right but I guess that’s all part of this journey.

  3. He is so cute. The photos are so heart warming. Parenting is never easy but its the most beautiful job in the world. I say its sign of a great parent when one reflects upon their own methods, behaviour and relationship with their child. We as parents constantly grow and learn not just the kids.

    1. Thank you so much Devinder. I totally agree with you and I certainly do feel I am continuously growing, I enjoy reflecting on our parenting style and techniques and it’s so interesting to observe Kayden’s responses to all of them. I’m also observing his love languages which I personally find interesting.

  4. What a cute little guy! It is hard to not raise our voices sometimes. One thing I occasionally do that worked with my little ones of that age was to kneel down to their level, put my hand on their shoulder or back, look them in the eye, lower my voice to a monotone deep very quiet whisper as if I had something very dreadful but very important to tell them. I make my verbal correction in a very quiet but somewhat ominous voice. They usually snap to it because it is a little unsettling, a little different from the norm, and they realize they have brought some negative attention on themselves. It is just a way to mix things up a bit but you can’t do this technique all that often because they can get used to it like raising the voice. If I pull out this verbal correction technique on them, the next action (if they disobey my warning) is a removal of privileges, timeout, whatever fits the occasion.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts, I value that very much. You’ve just reminded me that I read or heard of this technique somewhere…I can’t say I’ve tried it – well, I’ve tried the lowering of my voice but not going down to his level, I will do that the next time there is a need 🙂 Thanks again.

  5. Peanut Gallery 24/7 yes I can definitely relate with both my girls. No child is perfect and the both cannot be the same. I think we have very high expectations of everything being perfect but motherhood definitely teaches us all of the above. All the best with Kayden ❤️ oh and I do scream as well 😉

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I felt so bad when I raised my voice. I am trying different methods to instill a sense of discipline

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