Sometimes, women just need a reminder, an affirmation of some sort or a few words or a sincere gesture to let them know that they are loved and are cared for. Sure, some women need it more than others do and some may not need it at all. If you’ve been in a relationship for any length of time, it’s possible that things can settle into a routine…one that becomes boring and lacks the element of surprise over some time. This is your clue.! Every once in a while, if not more, it’s a great idea to show the special woman in your life just how much you care for her and value having her in your life.  But what are the best ways to celebrate the woman you love? 

When did you realise that the woman who you now are with is the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? 

For some it was immediate and for others, it took some time. Although you may know that you love her, when it comes to showing her, this can prove to be quite challenging in some instances. 

Some men want to come across as all “macho”  – almost like non-expressive, in an attempt to not appear “weak” as men are “not supposed to feel“! Other men are simply not comfortable enough to express their feelings.  With this being Women’s Month, I thought I should share some inspiration on ways to celebrate the woman you love.

8 Ways to Celebrate the Woman you Love

1. Get Close

Often in long-term relationships, couples tend to forget how spending quality time together is so wonderful and also important. Make some effort to spend a little quality time with the woman you love.  Even just sitting together watching her favourite program on TV or just holding hands will often show her what she means to you.  It will send a message to her, signaling that you enjoy being with her.

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2.  Touch Her

This may sound a little silly, but it is the most simple of ways of showing her just how much you love and care for her.   Yes holding her hand is wonderful, but there are other ways of showing her affection.  Why not simply hug her or stroke her arm or face. Not only will she find this reassuring but it will also show that you do not fear closeness and intimacy.  A woman who is made to feel wanted will feel confident, more than you realise.

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3.  Spoil Her

Sometimes it is important that you do more than just say to her that you care.   You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on spoiling her. What is important, is the effort behind your intention. You can book her a day at the spa. Full stop. Many women will love just that.

OR…you can go the extra mile and book her a day at the spa, with flowers and champagne or her favourite wine and/or you could have her dropped off and picked up from the Spa so that she doesn’t have to drive.  You can add a special touch by arranging with the staff to have specific treatments booked for her.  The attention to detail and the effort from your side will surely contribute as an affirmation of why she married you…or one of the reasons. 

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4.  Treat Her To Some Jewellery

Yes, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but your woman may not be like every other girl.  If you really want to show that special woman in your life how much you love her get her something that is typically “her” if you know what I mean – not something that every woman is “supposed” to have.

For example, if you noticed that she likes wearing pearls and dressing very girly/ladylike, consider getting her a gorgeous white pearl ring or pendant.

A simple pearl choker or a beautiful pair of pearl stud earrings would be ideal as well.  Not only do they look beautiful, they will make your partner feel very glamorous.  The great thing with pearls is that they can often be worn with a wide array of different outfits, from lace to denim.  Plus you can choose from more exotic colours such as pink, lavender or gold pearls if you want. 

If you aren’t sure about what kind of pearl jewellery to buy then don’t be afraid to do some homework. Observe what she admires, look at what she currently wears and likes. Check out the beautiful options available to communicate how you feel about here.

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5.  Show Her You Notice The Little Things She Does

Acknowledging even the smallest thing she does for you can really make her feel special.   How often have you heard her saying to you, “are you okay?” or asking, “how was your day?”.  I bet you’ve been together for so long that these things are so commonplace now that you just reply without thinking.  So next time why not say how much you love it when she cares enough to make sure that you are okay.

This is a sure fire way of showing her just how much you love her, and that you appreciate everything that she does for you, even those things that you as a couple now consider being trivial.

6. Do Something That She Normally Does Herself

Yes, your partner is probably able to cope with doing what she does.  But sometimes taking the strain away from her can prove invaluable to her.  Even doing something that may seem so small and insignificant to you, will show you just how much you do appreciate her.  It will also show her how much you love her.  

Why not get up before her and take her a cup of coffee in bed or offer to do the grocery shopping? Whatever you do doesn’t have to be big, but it needs to be something that shows her how much you want to help her. 

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7. Get Involved In Something She Likes Doing

Most couples, when they have been together for any length of time, begin to find interests outside the home.  But actually taking an interest in something that she loves doing can really show her just how much you care.  

You don’t need to get involved on a full-time basis, but occasionally getting involved in say a particular hobby she enjoys can make a big difference.  By sharing it will help to build a much stronger relationship between the two of you, as it will provide you with a better understanding of who she is.  It is a great way for you to show her just how much she means to you.

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8.  Say You Love Her And Mean It

If you aren’t willing to say you love her with any true conviction she will be able to detect this.  At any point should you suddenly have the urge to tell her or show her any kind of affection the do it without stopping to think what she may think of you?

A man who isn’t afraid to show affection or tell a woman they love them without any hesitation are really showing their true feelings.  This is really one of the best ways to celebrate the woman you love. It is also incredibly appealing, well to me anyway, when a man is confident enough to express himself and his feelings. 

Of course, there are many other ways to celebrate the woman you love, not just this Women’s Month, but always. Don’t just give her extra attention because she somewhat demands it during PMS. Say and do things that truly mean something to communicate how much she means to you. It’s so easy to take the women in your lives for granted, until one day, you realise that you could have, should have and didn’t do all that you could have, to communicate how much she meant to you.

If you KNOW that you have an awesome woman in your life, simply knowing it is not enough. Let her know. Not just with the 8 tips above but take the time to think about what will make her happy…it’s about effort…effort…effort.

If this post has triggered some thoughts and made you realise you have taken the woman in your life for granted, I am glad it did! I do hope that it will also encourage you to do something about it. Celebrate the remarkable woman in your life…whilst you still can.

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