Dawn relaunches with a new proposition to inspire and mentor the young women of South Africa

Confidence is the key to success. When you feel confident, you are able to see and seize the opportunities around you and handle the challenges you face in your path. This is why Dawn is making it their mission to give young South African women the physical and emotional confidence to achieve greatness in life.

Dawn believes in the young women of South Africa and wants to empower them to glow with beauty and confidence every day.

This renewed brand vision is part of a brand relaunch that will see Dawn reposition itself to be more relevant to today’s modern, young South African women who are trying to get ahead in life. Dawn will relaunched a mentorship programme with the guidance of mentoring NGO, SAYes.

Through this collaboration, Dawn will become the catalyst that connects successful women with SAYes so that, together they can help young women by giving them positive role models and mentorship.

Today’s modern world can be extremely tough for young people trying to reach their goals. Financial burdens, stereotyping, a lack of role models, family constraints and responsibilities and the inability to access quality education… these are all barriers to success that are difficult to overcome without the confidence or guidance required. Sometimes all it takes to keep you going is a simple message of support from someone you trust, ‘you got this…’

“Dawn speaks to South African women who do a lot with a little and believe beauty is as much about the person you are as what you look like,” says Sphelele Mjadu, Public Relations Manager, Unilever. “She is positive about the future, with high hopes and dreams of attaining a better, more successful life.

But we know that, for a number of reasons, it is not easy. Our vision is to empower these young women with the tools to keep moving forward: confidence, guidance, courage and belief in their God-given abilities and talents.”

The Dawn relaunch includes an inspiring brand film that provides a powerfully emotional story of a typical day in the life of a young South African woman. The film epitomises the Dawn woman; eager, able and ready to conquer her dreams, yet constantly facing obstacles on her road to success.

Dawn wants to be a part of her journey. By providing her with a quality skin care lotion that gives her skin the care it needs to glow with beauty, Dawn allows her to look and feel her best when she goes out each day to conquer her fears and obstacles.

Along with a new point of view, Dawn will also be launching all new, modern packaging designs for the full range of products, which will appear in retail stores in August this year.

The Dawn range of hand & body lotions have been specifically crafted by a team of skin care experts to deliver confidence on the go. With its unique blend of Special Oils, Vitamin A and E and Glycerine that absorb easily into the skin, Dawn offers optimum moisturisation for up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

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At the launch event, Dawn gathered a group of inspirational women from all walks of life to start a conversation, encouraging like-minded women to share their stories of success and the challenges they have faced to get to where they are today.

Women like sports presenter and radio personality Mpho Maboi, PR Guru and entrepreneur Allegro Dinkwanyane and make-up artist and stylist to the stars Merlene Williams will lend their time and expertise to mentor young women who are aiming for the stars.

“Mentoring is a critical tool to aid the empowerment of South Africa’s young people and future leaders. Whether in corporate, educational or personal settings, effective mentoring can help young people develop the life skills, confidence and direction they need to thrive in adulthood.” Says Michelle Potter, Co-founder and Executive Director, SAYes. “Mentors themselves gain personal and professional growth as well, and ultimately, whole communities are strengthened and nurtured.”  

A new Dawn is rising – one where Dawn is at the centre of a sisterhood of support and upliftment, one where Dawn is the voice that whispers when she’s on the cusp of greatness… #YouGotThis

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