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Hey there! I’m Nicola, the heart and soul behind this colorful corner of the internet. Proud wife to an amazing husband, Emil, and a mom who’s utterly besotted with her son, Kayden.

With over two decades spent rocking the HR and Learning & Development worlds, I recently took an unexpected detour into Sales in the Tourism industry—talk about a plot twist! Then, 2020 with Covid hit like a wrecking ball, and let’s just say, my career took another turn. Out of that chaos, I birthed my own business, juggling passion projects like a pro and occasionally wondering why I ever left the world of corporate attire.

Now, let’s clear something up right away—I’m not your typical “influencer.” I’m more like your online BFF who spills the tea on everything from parenting wins (and let’s face it, fails) to exploring the best wines and eats my city offers. No niche? No problem. My life is a vibrant mosaic, and I’m here to keep it real, whether I’m ranting about parenting challenges or raving about a hidden gem restaurant.

Why am I here? Well, once upon a time, during a particularly rough patch, I turned to blogging as my therapy. It was my digital confessional, where I poured my heart out and unexpectedly found a tribe of kindred spirits. Fast forward to today, and I’m on a mission to inspire—not with curated perfection, but with raw, unfiltered truths that resonate with anyone who’s ever laughed, cried, or wine-d on a Tuesday night (because adulthood, right?).

Speaking of wine, let’s raise a glass to authenticity. I’ve seen the influencer game change, but I’m staying true to why I started: to share stories that matter, not just for the ‘gram, but for my legacy. Someday, when Kayden stumbles upon these digital memoirs, he’ll see a genuine portrait of his mom—not just snapshots of social media vanity metrics.

So, join me on this candid journey. Whether you’re here for the belly laughs, the occasional soapbox moment, or to explore collaboration ideas (yes, I’m PR-friendly, let’s chat!), you’re always welcome in my virtual hangout. Let’s keep it real, keep it fun, and keep coming back for more.

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    1. Hi Valerie – thank you for visiting and I do hope that it isn’t the last time – are you also a blogger?

    1. Hi Naina
      Thanks for stopping by and it’s always great to have feedback, I appreciate it and hope you visit again 🤗

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