I’ve recently become curious about wearing contact lens. I must admit it’s not something that appealed to me in the past. I’ve tried some filters on various apps and I think that’s probably one of the reasons for my sudden interest but also the fact that I don’t like taking selfies with my glasses on and without them, it’s hard to see, so that makes contact lens more practical and appealing. I’ve done some research on all you need to know about colored contact lenses, so allow me to share with you.

Colored contacts can help you get a brand new look. Celebrities have made them extremely popular in the last few years. You’ll find colored contact lenses such as Air Optix Colors that are comfortable and breathable. They are available in nine colors. If you want to get a new eye color, you should first know some important facts about colored contact lenses. 

1. There are three types of primary tints

When you are shopping for colored contacts, it is important to remember that there are three types of primary tints. Contacts with opaque tint are entirely non-transparent. Your eye color will completely change when you choose opaque tint lenses. They are ideal for people who have natural dark eyes. 

Contacts with visibility tint have a faint blue or green tint applied to the lenses. Contacts with enhancement tint enhance the natural color of your eyes. They are ideal for people who have light-colored eyes and would like to boost it for an intense look. 

2. They are available in various colors

It can be tricky to choose a pair of colored contacts as they are available in a wide range of colors. You can find Air Optix Colors in blue, green, honey, brown, grey, hazel, sapphire, amethyst, and turquoise colors. Consider your hair color and skin tone when you are choosing a new eye color. 

If you have naturally dark-colored eyes, you can choose opaque tints with blue or hazel. If you want a subtle change, you can opt for enhancement lenses. You can try bold colors such as deep blue or purple if you desire to change your look. 


3. Prescription contacts are much safer than non-prescription contacts

Prescription contacts are safer and more convenient. Get an eye checkup done before buying new colored contacts. If you have a prescription for Air Optix Aqua, you can use it for trying Air Optix Colors. 

4. They are available in various sizes

Colored contacts are available in various sizes. It is important to choose a size that will be comfortable for your eyes. If the lens is too loose, it will get displaced. If the lens is too tight, it will irritate your eye, thereby causing injuries. When you are buying colored contacts, get the right fit to get the desired look and maintain proper vision. 

5. Proper care is a must

You have to clean and disinfect your new Air Optix Colors regularly to prevent contamination. You will need a lens solution and a case to store your contacts safely. Wash your hands when you are handling or cleaning your lens. It would be best if you replaced your colored contacts from time to time. The monthly disposable lenses should be replaced every month. 

These are some important things that you must keep in mind when you are buying contact lenses online. Air Optix Colors contain two lenses per box. You must replace them every month. If you ever feel any eye discomfort, you should stop using the contacts and schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. 

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