I wrote this the other day which I shared in a Whatsapp group chat, I thought that it could serve as inspiration to others as well and I do hope it will by me posting on my blog. It could be worse, sometimes and more especially at a time like this, we have to take a step back and look for the things in our lives that we can and should be grateful for. It’s about having an attitude of gratitude.

When you have a hole in a pocket and have had to resort to making your own bread at home,
don’t feel sad that you have to;
There are people with no such holes in their pockets,
yet, they don’t know how to bake
When you’re feeling down because you’re not getting paid a full salary,
remember that there are so many people that don’t earn a salary at all, or never did.
When looking at pictures on social media make you feel sad about the place you call home,

which seems to be inferior to those you see,
Remember that some don’t even have a roof over their head.

When you observes lifestyles on social media that make you feel down,
remember that people share what they choose to, you don’t always see the reality,

it does not mean that they don’t have less than perfect moments.
When you feel like giving up,

remember that those that made it in life,
did so through some obstacles along the way
When you’re feeling lonely because you’re single,
remember that not everyone who has a family is happy.

When you’re not happy with the family that you have,
remember that there are those that yearn to have a family.

When you feel like throwing in the towel,
remember the people who love you and will miss you, reach out to them.

When you feel like the whole world is against you,
remember it’s only a feeling and you can overcome it.

Think about this…(I don’t know where it originated from but it’s always been one of my favourites):

“I felt bad because I had no shoes, until I saw a man without feet.

If you are well and healthy, you have lots more that you can be grateful for which others don’t have, believe it or not. Some people are not handling this well emotionally and sadly so. Be blessed if you’re in a healthy mental state during these uncertain times.

Take the time to check up on loved ones, if you know that they are probably okay, ask anyway, “how are you doing?” At a time like this, loneliness hits worse and when it hits, the ones feeling lonely may not find it within themselves to ask for help. They don’t want to appear as if they’re not in control or that they are incapable of handling this situation.

Truth be told, none of us ever expected that life would get this way, but it did. Now we have to find ways to adjust and adapt to the new normal. This means that we look out for others as well – not necessarily loved ones – think of people in your circle that could do with a simple call or whatsapp message – even it’s via social media as that’s a preferred way to communicate for many.

If you notice that certain people are posting more on social media that they normally do, go and engage on their posts – it could possibly be that your engagement will help them in online conversations – maybe they’re single and have no one to chat to?

Together apart, we are all in this together – friends, family, colleagues and countries. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I wish you love and strength to overcome the challenges we are faced with.

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2 Replies to “Attitude of gratitude during COVID-19”

  1. This lockdown has many positive effects. It has given us the opportunity to self-reflect and even the time to work out on certain issues that could change others lives as well as ours. Kindliness and sharing has somehow lost its place in society because we too busy taking selfies or sending jokes – occupied in meaningless stuff actually. We’ve hopefully learned to shop smartly i.e. buying necessary stuff and not what we almost always believe to be necessary. Making time for family and friends and trying to understand their needs. Spiritual needs brings us through this crisis. We’ve hopefully learnt that material needs cannot replace basic needs. Keeping safe and avoiding getting this virus cannot be replaced by materialism. We have also experienced the remarkable changes in our environment. Pollution has been reduced like never before. ‘We see our fellow beings with other eyes. We see deeper – into them. Gratefulness and appreciation makes our lives easier. And yes beautiful during tough phases like now. All in all – a signal to mankind to wake up,

    1. I am so sorry for my delayed response. I love your positive outlook during this challenging time. I too agree with all the good it’s made us see in mankind and each other. It’s sad that we have had to have something like this to make us see certain things, but it is so and we have to embrace and make sure we don’t take for granted,the things we did.

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