At just over 10 months, my baby has preferences for his entertainment. It is an amazing feeling to watch him experience the joy that these things bring to him. Each of them, has some way or the other, to provide him with physical or mental stimulation. What I have learned over the past few months as a new mum, is that it’s not necessarily the most expensive toy that creates this joy, curiosity and/or excitement. I’ve therefore decided to share with you my Baby’s Favourite Things:

In no order of preference, here are my baby’s favourite things:

1. The Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper™ as seen above in the featured image.
Kayden has been loving his jumper since he was just over 6 months. There is so much happening around him, literally, as it has a 360-degree feature which allows him to stimulate all senses. The various sounds and textures cause him to jump with excitement. He is fascinated with the variation of bright colours, shapes and features of every little item on this jumper – he is in his element, in his own little bouncy world whilst on his jumper
We purchased this Jumper from Baby City, for more information and/or product details: click here.

2. Bright Starts Hide ‘n Spin Monkey
Kayden isn’t walking yet, he is at the stage where he wants to be up on his knees or standing up, and this toy has definitely encouraged him to do that more often, as it requires him to stand and throw the balls into the monkey’s hat or the tummy (of course whilst supervised). The lights and sounds when a ball is inserted into the hat or tummy goes a long way to encourage him to be more active. He loves to catch the rolling balls, only to promptly put them back into the Monkey
We purchased this toy from Baby City, for more details, click here.
Baby's Favourite Toys
3. “Tommy”
This stuffed toy boy doll, I found at Dischem. It was the last one there and as I almost walked past it, it gave me that puppy dog look, saying, “buy me, buy me, please….pity please…”
So, I did and I am glad I did so. He had no name when he came home, Kayden’s grandmother helped give him a name, i.e. “Tommy”. Tommy has become an essential travel companion for Kayden, and “Tommy” always brings a smile to Kayden. We play hide and seek, using Tommy to say “boo!” to Kayden and he loves that! The connection between a child and his stuffed toy is priceless…..and should never be underestimated.
For more details on this toy, click here.

4. Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker
“I’m young and free…watch me go…!” – that’s the feeling Kayden depicts when he is on his walker. He loves being mobile, whether walking or running, forward or backwards, he is always happy-go-lucky. There are various shapes, colours and sounds on the large play tray in front to keep him entertained. It has 3 height adjustments which is great as we have been able to adjust it as he grows taller. It is extremely well built, provides loads of entertainment, and can easily be disassembled for travelling. It has become an essential item during extended
time away from home.
My Baby's Favourite Toys
We also bought this from Baby City, for more details, click here.

5. Dave and Ava
We accidentally stumbled across these videos whilst looking for songs to make Kayden sleep one day. And what a pleasant surprise! The animation and the level of detail is absolutely breath-taking! Dave and Ava help bring alive a variety of nursery rhymes, in a rich and diversely created world. These are nursery rhymes we all learned as kids, and you will find yourself singing along to them as well. You can stream the videos off YouTube or purchase the mobile app, which allows download of all the videos to your smart device, for offline use. Kayden’s face lights up when you just mention Dave and Ava. He watches them so engrossed, with expressions on his face that are priceless. The slower songs are very soothing for bedtime. I think every child should be introduced to Dave and Ava 
If you haven’t heard of Dave and Ava yet and would like more information, click here.

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What are your Baby’s favourite toys? I would love to know, so please do comment below.

13 Replies to “My Baby’s Favourite Things”

  1. This post helped me to choose a baptism gift for my godson! I researched so many different items and then finally decided on the Baby Einstein! And it was available here in Toronto! I am so glad I bought it!!! My husband assembled it for Kayden….yes he has the same name has your son! Beautiful name 😘 Kayden immediately loved it! Was such a pleasure watching him playing in it. His parents also loved it and was grateful for this gift! Thanks again for helping us choose a great gift for my godson!

    1. Awwww…I am so happy to hear! My Kayden at just over 11 months is still enjoying his! It is indeed such a beautiful sight to see him get such joy bouncing around in his own little world with so much around him to touch and see 😊

  2. They are all very lovely but I don’t have a baby yet. I will make use of it when am married and have my kids, thanks for sharing.

  3. My babies are 28-38 years old now. It’s fun to see what’s available for kids. I like the Dave and Ava dolls. Maybe I’ll have grandkids someday.

    1. Yes, it is amazing how time changes the trends for toys. At least you have some ideas if you do happen to have grandkids some day 😊

  4. We have the activity jumper too – my five month old absolutely loves it and it keeps her so busy! I had never heard of Dave and Ava, but will definitely look them up… thanks for the tip 🙂

    1. My pleasure Polly 😊 I also never heard of Dave and Ava until Kayden came along…the quality of these videos are so much better than any others I’ve seen, I hope your baby enjoys it too😊

  5. We had the same spin monkey for our older son! At first it scared him, haha. Once he got used to it, though, he loved it! (His “fun uncle” even got him extra balls for it. How nice of him, right? 😉 ) Unfortunately, he stripped the motor by leaning on it too much when he was learning how to stand. We were so sad to see it go! It provided hours of fun for him!

    1. Mmmh…every child needs a “Fun uncle”, very nice of him indeed. I will also check to see if we can get extra balls. I am so glad we chose this Spin 🐒, Kayden too has time with him daily, entertaining himself. Hopefully it’s gonna still be a long while from now before we have to see him go.

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa, I appreciate your feedback🌟

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