Barni Bear Sponge Cakes – The Delicious Picnic Treat for Summer Adventures!

Whether you’re lucky enough to be relaxing on the seashore, or a picturesque mountain as your backdrop, one things for sure, your summer adventures, even those in your front yard, are not going to be complete without a picnic basket. Whenever I think of a picnic basket, for some reason or the other, I always imagine a red and white check tablecloth. Being a mommy, I don’t just think about which wine and cheese that’s going to be in my picnic basket, I now think about meals and treats for Kayden too, like Barni Bear sponge cakes.

The oh so very cute spongy bear cakes with soft milk and chocolate flavoured fillings are the perfect treat for children ages three to seven years old.

Barni - PeanutGallery247

The shape of the cake surely catches his attention each time one is open. He looks at it, touches it and wanders in amazement…with a look that says, “what kind of a teddy is this…look Mommy, I can eat it…!” and bites into it and he makes this sound, that sounds something like, “mmmh…..mmmh…mmmh”. An adorable munching sound from my adorable son. He does that when he enjoys something. If he sees a Barni Bear cake lying on the kitchen counter, he immediately recognizes the packaging and he points to it to indicate that he wants it. I have peace of mind knowing that there isn’t any colourants or preservatives.

Sometimes Kayden is a fussy eater. On the days he eats well without any fussing, we treat him to some delicious Barni Bear sponge cake. Yes, I tasted it and that’s how I can comment that it is delicious! I’d go as far as saying that adults could include this in their lunch packs as a treat for themselves.

So today, Kayden was a good little boy and ate all his food. As a treat…there was a special delivery for him by his train….yes, you guessed right…it was Barni Bear!

                                         Barni Bear on Train - PeanutGallery247.jpg       Kayden Barni Bear - PeanutGallery247.jpg

I asked a close friend, Calleen Thompson, who has kids over the ages of 3, if they had tried Barni Bear sponge cakes and what did they think of it.

Calleen commented, “ Damien and Tyra (pictured below) loves it! I also tasted it and I can vouch. They enjoy the soft sponge and the chocolate filling. The lovely size makes it a perfect snack!”

Thompson Kids - PeanutGallery247

Barni Bear sponge cakes would look great at parties too. Just open each from the packaging, attach them to wooden cocktail sticks and place them in a jar. It can be enjoyed with other treats, like custard or fresh cream or even some fresh fruit.


                                            Barni Wrapper - PeanutGallery247  Barni Wrapper Open - PeanutGallery247Barni sponge cake - PeanutGallery247

Jaritha Narsey, Category Brand Manager – Biscuits & Groceries says: “Eating outdoors is special for kids and we know that making sure you pack a combination of healthy food and treats can turn a normal day out into an adventure. Barni Sponge Cakes are the perfect treats to add to your picnic basket, containing no colourants, preservatives or trans-fats. Packing is now made simple – with each biscuit providing your children with a burst of flavour – all while encouraging imagination, exploring, learning and growing.”

Get your taste of Barni Milk available in stores nationwide as single units or in a box of five. #BarniBear



Two lucky readers stand a chance of winning a Barni Bear Hamper to the value of R500 each! All you have to do is comment below and let me know if you would pack something in your picnic basket to complement the Barni Bear treat or not? If yes, what would you pack?

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  • Prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash
  • Competition ends at midnight on 10th November 2017
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 

35 Replies to “Barni Bear Hamper Giveaway”

  1. I would definitely pack a lovely strawberry milkshake to go with this delicious barni baby boy love’s it..

  2. My little boy simply loves Barney sponge cake..and I must admit I do double tried and has the yummiest filling and the softest sponge cake..Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing give away.. fingers crossed..Peanut Gallery very insightful

  3. My little boy simply loves Barney sponge cake..and I must admit I do double tried and has the yummiest filling and the softest sponge cake..Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing give away.. fingers crossed..Peanut Gallery very insightful

  4. Barni bear is perfect all on its own, so I would just pack more barnis to keep the others company.

  5. Yes , I would pack a punet of strawberries to give the Barni Bear sponge cake a healthy balance .

  6. Thank you peanut gallery 247 for this fantastic opportunity and delicious prize. My 4 year old will definitely enjoy it to bits if we win,my son is a really fussy eater when it comes to food and it’s always such a mission to get food into this tummy,on the picnic I will definitely pack a few finger food
    like chicken nuggets with a dip and fish fingers,cheese cubed,sliced carrots and cucumbers and container of mixed diced fruit, for drinking ceres fruit juice, after he’s eats the Barni♥bear will be a treat.

  7. I would definitely pack the Barni bear sponge cake with a chocolate filling my daughter loves it
    #barnibear #peanutgallery247

  8. Evelyn loves Barni Bear Treats and on a picnic I will pack her favourite treat together with Nesquick Chocolate Mikshake packed in a cooler bag, I suggest mommies to try this treat with the milkshake it’s tasty and your little ones will love it to. 😃 also a great way to get them to enjoy milk.

  9. Wow my kids love barni bear treats. I would pack this along with some yummy milkshake of their choice. With this IL add some cut fruits and some yoghurt…

  10. Both grandkids love the peanutbutter taste so for gabby I will pack two one for school an one for after care . an Aaron gets one for creche. That the only time he is quite An very fasinated by the bear its self after each bite he looks at the bear . an gen he licks his fingers when he is done . an rubs his tummy

  11. I have 5 nephews who are addicted to Barni cakes. I would pack them some chilled milk to complement Barni cakes along with some chopped fresh fruit.

  12. My son is turning 4 in December he never had a birthday party before planning a picnic party would love to win this to check it of my list with some ice cream they love eating Barni bear with Ice cream

  13. Yes I would ….. a delightfully delicious fresh fruit salad , made by me with fruit such as strawberries, pineapple,mixed berries and sliced apple, to compliment the Barni Bear treat, the fresh fruit salad and the Barni Bear treat is a wonderful combination for the kids to enjoy.

    Thank you for a interesting product review and giveaway, sharing on Facebook and twitter.

  14. Yes I would pack a delightfully delicious home made fruit salad with fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, mixed berries and sliced apple to compliment the Barni Bear Treat. This is a wonderful combination fresh fruit salad and the Barni BearTreat .

    Thank you for a wonderful blog post on this delicious treat and giveaway sharing on Facebook and twitter.

  15. I would pack Barni Bear sponge cake,my kids love the delicious chocolate filling,definitely a yummy lunch box treat

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