Bedford announces second round of semi finalists in pursuit to winning the lifeatthetop competition to win the R13 million penthouse. 

On Saturday 25th November, Bedford announced the second round of semi finalist Ecaderni Wauchope, Marina Constas, John Burns, Nanda Gaspor, Sonia Da Silva to join Gary Michael Joseph, Natascia Pianina, Maria Loupis, Lorenzo Banchetti and Barbara Fogolin(first round of finalists) in pursuit  pursuit of giving one of their elite shoppers the opportunity to live the high life.

Bedford has gone on a crazy venture to give away a luxury penthouse valued at R13 million. Living “Life at the Top” is the culmination of dreams, luxurious shopping experiences and exquisite dining. That’s not where it ends, Bedford will aid you in discovering an all-round #LifeAtTheTop. 

Bedford is about to change someone’s life and make shopping centre history. Spend R750 or more at any of the Bedford stores over the next 12 months and be entered into 11 draws within this period to stand a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a R13 million penthouse.

So, don’t despair if you’ve only just heard about this amazing competition now. You still have time to enter. If I were you, I’d do all my shopping at Bedford, just to stand a chance to win this competition. It will be a dream come true and dreams do come true – but, like all other competitions, you’ve got to be in it, to win it.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by. You could be the lucky winner of this incredible prize! Don’t say that I didn’t share with you.

Very often, we look at opportunities like these and we let it pass us by. When we see someone else being chosen as a winner, we think, “that could have been me”. Don’t live in regret. You can see by the huge amount of people at the draw this weekend, that there is much interest in this competition, understandably so. Who would not want to win a Penthouse worth R13 Million? You could be LIVING LIFE AT THE TOP.

Bedford Announces second round of LIFEATTHETOP finalists - PeanutGallery247

I hope this post has encouraged you to enter the competition and if you do, I wish you luck! If you happen to win, please don’t forget to invite me to your Penthouse when you take ownership!

Anything is possible when you believe and the entry is so simple as you’re going to have to shop anyway, so you may as well just do your shopping at Bedford and allow yourself this once in a lifetime opportunity to stand in line to win.

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