Oh yes, mums and dads, I’m sure you can relate to this if you have an adventurous side, but this post is not about that kind of dress-up play. Okay, now that I have cleared that, I want to share what I was reminiscing about…taking me back to the time I was a little girl…which was way, way back. I used to love to play dress-up, whether it was with my favourite cousin or by myself.  At the time, I didn’t realise the impact it had on me but when I look back now and compare what kids do today to what we did back then, I can clearly see how beneficial dress-up play was for me.

1. Imagination

Playing dress-up certainly triggered my imagination – to allow me to think, imagine and be the character I portrayed – whether it was an actual person or someone I had seen on television at the time.

2. Gender & Identity behavioural skills

Without even knowing it, I cast myself into the role of a teacher or policeman or policewoman – in each role, my voice would change as would my body language as I tried to enact the character I chose for the day. I was already observing and re-enacting the role of each character.

3. Problem solving

Depending on what character I played during dress-up, the chosen role allowed me to pretend to solve problems – like if I was a doctor or nurse, what was I doing to save a life or treat a patient with an illness. It was such fun stepping into character and to pretend to be that icon at the time.

4. Socialising

When I played with more than one child, this allowed each of us to engage with each other – opposed to what we have now, when kids spend copious amounts of time on a screen, WATCHING other kids play.

5. Brain stimulation

By stepping into character of those we dressed-up as, our memories were stimulated as our vocabulary was – inspiring us to mention words that we heard to portray the character we depicted. 

Dress-up Play – Will you let your boy child wear a dress?

I’ve only listed the 5 benefits that I identify with most, but there are so many more benefits of dress-up play. Last week, Kayden had to dress as a Superhero for school and it was so exciting to watch him step into the role – not just with words, but with this body language and cognitive skills being demonstrated.  He came home and told us that all the girls were dressed as fairies and from the pictures I had seen, most of the boys dressed as Superhero’s or some cartoon character. 

I have mixed emotions about this – my mind tells me one thing – I can blame that on conditional behaviour – that Kayden shouldn’t wear a dress. We have been conditioned to think and believe that dresses are for girls only and that’s why the mere thought of a boy wearing a dress is taboo. At this age, based on what I’ve read about this topic, if a child chooses to wear a dress, he should not be ridiculed for it. He is having the freedom of speech to say and be who he chooses to portray. It’s more us that are uncomfortable because we have been conditioned to think about boys in dresses, in a certain manner.

Why should girls only wear fairy and princess outfits? One day we fight for gender equality and the next day we want to put people into boxes, don’t we?

There’s just so much I could say on this topic but let me rather share with you some beautiful dresses which are available for your infant/toddler through purchase via Classy Baby Boutique, which you can contact via Instagram and Facebook to place an order.

If Kayden were a girl, these are my top 3 dresses that I would most definitely get for him:

I was so in awe when I came across these dresses, they’re so pretty! I’ve noticed a few girl children these days that actually don’t like dresses, so I think make them wear these dresses whilst they still don’t have a choice and can’t dress themselves! Yeah…I’ve got an evil smile with all good intentions! 

On a serious note, whilst your infant or toddler may not have a choice in what to wear, I think that dress-up from this age already, will be great for parents as well. Imagine all the lovely photos it would make but more especially, the quality time in bonding. 

I know some mums like to match and if you’re one of them, there here’s an opportunity to get yourself a dress too! No not the same dress – I mean like the same colour or similar fabric. But let’s not forget about the dads, I know many dad’s love to dress and so take this as an opportunity to clean up and wear that purple or pink tie that you’ve been dying to!

One day, when you look back at the photos of this dress-up, you can thank me then.


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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own as always.

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  1. Dress up Play is just fun – for kids, adults everybody. You disappear into another world. Far from your daily life. You freely decide who do you want to be. And your fantasy has no limits. Ain’t that an amazing experience?

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