As a learning and development practitioner, over the years, I have seen how beneficial blended learning techniques assisted and encouraged learning for adults in the corporate environment, in and out of the classroom. Just as adults all have a different way of absorbing and retaining information, so do children, which inspired me to write this post to share with you 10 Benefits of e-books for Learning.

In a recent conversation with a family member who has school going children, I almost fell off my chair when she shared their book lists for next year, I could hardly believe how expensive they are! I guess you don’t realise this until you have school-going children, which I know, many of you, my readers, do have.

Currently, things are progressing so fast technologically, but we still use textbooks when there are options to go digital. I know that some may argue that it will cause an increase in screen time, but like everything else in life, there should be balance and this is something that can and should be managed.

My curious mind resulted in me being investigative and I did some research and found the following with regards to the benefits of e-books for learning:

1.  It is more cost-effective:

I did a comparison to see the price difference of e-books vs traditional print textbooks as you will see below:

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The general list of books that this study was done on, was correct at the time of this publication and may differ

2.  It’s convenient

One less thing for your child to worry about. Say goodbye to the days of packing their bags daily.  How often has your child forgotten a textbook at home? This makes learning inconvenient without their own material and inconvenient as well, for the other child who now must share their book.

Leaving books behind at school is also inconvenient when there is homework that needs to be done, it also poses a risk to be stolen, causing an additional and unexpected expense. Instead of having to manage many books, it’s so easily accessible when everything they need is stored on one device.

3.  No Strain – on the body and the pocket

I feel so sorry for the little ones that carry big, heavy bags and not all of them come with wheels. This causes physical strain. Some of these bags also wear and tear very easily, causing you to replace them more frequently and they are not very cheap.

4.  Enhanced Learning through E-Books

Children, just like adults, are more engaged in activities of all sorts when it’s through something they enjoy. In this aptly dubbed “ Generation Z/Millenials” as today’s generation is referred to, it’s no secret that children spend lots of time playing with digital devices. They have used the internet since a young age and are comfortable with technology and social media, and because they enjoy doing this, technology can be used to promote learning too – it’s what they relate to best

E-books offer a variety of learning methodologies through the incorporated use of digital media, such as videos, diagrams, narrators, and graphics, to name a few. There’s a world of immense learning opportunities through e-books.

5.  Individualism

Lighting & Resolution

You can’t adjust the size of the font in a printed textbook, but you can adjust the resolution and lighting on a digital device when using e-books. This is great for learners who have specific requirements in these areas.


E-books allow users to highlight important words/phrases and concepts without having to buy highlighter pens. And more often than not, they won’t be allowed to use this in their printed copy!


Words and phrases can be looked up immediately provided there is an internet connection. One doesn’t have to whip out a dictionary. Some may argue that it’s making a child lazy – but if the child is indeed lazy and does not want to open a printed dictionary, isn’t it better for them to use what they have at their fingertips – learning is, after all, taking place and that’s what we want, don’t we?

6.  Stock Availability

Unlike print textbooks, e-books are never out of stock nor do you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail due to shipping/postage delays.

You also don’t have to wait in long lines to purchase them.

7.  TTS – Text to Speech

For children who have reading challenges such as dyslexia or visual impairments, this feature of e-books will benefit them.  For children who suffer fatigue or strain from reading, which becomes a learning barrier, they can also benefit from this feature as it reduces the strain on the eyes. I wish this was available when I was a kid quite honestly! Note, not all e-books have the TTS functionality.

8.  Environmentally Friendly

When there are changes in the curriculum or other changes in the textbooks, these changes can be easily made digitally without having to physically throw away print books, which we know can be so harmful to the environment.

9.  Storage Space

With all e-books being stored on one device, storage space for print textbooks is no longer an issue, which is some instances can be a huge relief for OCD parents who want to get rid of clutter.

10.  Learning on the go

The portability of e-books, having them on a digital device, makes learning more accessible. When you suddenly must make a long-distance trip, learning can take place during the long drive. Whilst your child is on a break, waiting on the bench for the next lesson, learning can also take place there or anywhere he/she chooses.

Children are already spending copious amounts of time on digital devices whether we would like to admit that or not. So why not have them use their digital devices to learn?  In this modern age, if we are rigid in our thoughts toward traditional learning, it can potentially be a setback for a child who is living in this digital age and would benefit from e-books, which are interactive and promote learning on a whole new level.

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Whether you’re looking for CAPS aligned or IEB curriculum e-textbooks, you may be pleased to know that ITSI currently has a promotion of 10% off e-books. Visit them by clicking here.

If you are a parent whose child has already embarked on their journey of learning through e-books, I would love to know your thoughts on the experience in the comments below.

If you haven’t already made the move to e-books, do you plan to or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I think in the future, TTS will definitely be a boon to people with reading difficulties. What a cool technology to have! I like e-books because they take up less space on my bookshelf!

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