Whilst many become nervous during spring and summer because their bodies are not “ready” or not in shape, you’ll be surprised at how many men and women have similar insecurities – about their feet! They cover their feet in winter and feel “safe” and comfy cos it’s hidden. But then the change of season calls for them to be exposed in sandals and slops!

That’s another level of anxiety and unless you have pretty toes AND nails, this post may not even be relatable. The reality is that not everyone has been blessed with perfect nails – not just on the feet but hands too. I personally don’t have dainty fingers or feet so I could never be a hands or feet model…sigh! Maybe in my next life – I’ll just add that to my Wishlist.

On a more serious note, thickened nails, splitting/flaking nails are some of the signs of a fungal infection of the nails. Fungal infections on the toe nails are more common and nail psoriasis is more common in the fingernails. Many people don’t even realise they have this until they experience discomfort and sometimes even pain – these become a hinderance during daily activities and affects ones lifestyle negatively when untreated.

Many people choose to hide this. They wear closed shoes, cannot live without nail polish to cover up and never wear sandals or make every effort to hide their fingers. Fear and embarrassment kicks in. This is why I’m so excited to share with you that Mundipharma has launched the new #Betadine#Emtrix Fungal Nail solution in #SouthAfrica.

Snippets from the Press Release:

Jump feet first into summer with no nail-shaming

Shannon te Roller, GM of Mundipharma SA, distributors of Betadine® products in Southern Africa, says unsightly nails on feet and hands are a real part of the social anxiety of stepping out into summer weather. “But feet can now be prepared to put their best selves forward with our exciting new Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution. The product is clinically proven to improve nail appearance in one week1A – and it’s the number one nail solution in the USA, Sweden and Taiwan.”2,3,4

Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution is used to treat discoloured and deformed nails resulting from fungal infection or psoriasis1B – and within eight weeks, it improves nail thickening, discolouration, brittleness and softness. Results are noticeable after one week of treatment.5

Fungal nail infections affect 19% of adults across the world6, 50% of the elderly7, as well as children8. Psoriasis affects 2-3%9B of the population, 80% of whom could have nail psoriasis9A. Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution is applied directly to the site of infection and changes the nail itself, improving the surface and keeping it in good condition.1B,C

“Fungal infections and nail psoriasis can be painful and far more than a cosmetic nuisance,” adds Te Roller. “Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution is another innovative product from Mundipharma which keeps putting its best feet forward in its efforts to meet medical needs in South Africa.”

BETADINE™ EMTRIX™ Fungal Nail Solution is currently available at selected Clicks stores and leading pharmacies across South Africa.

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