Ladies, do you wash your face with the same product that you use to wash the rest of your body? Probably not, because your facial skin is much more delicate and sensitive. Do you know that your intimate area also requires special care too? Why? You may ask…well, to be put simply, your vagina has an acidic pH, it’s much more acidic than the rest of your body. When this pH balance is upset, it’s more prone to vaginal infections.

These vaginal infections can cause discomfort like itching, dryness or even odours. It’s therefore so important to use the right product that maintains a healthy pH balance that won’t cause any aggravation whatsoever to the vaginal area. The vagina itself is self cleaning, it produces a lubricant to aid the cleaning so there is no need for strong perfumed products – these can actually cause more harm than do any good.

If you’ve been using a regular body soap in your vaginal area and have been experiencing irritation – it’s a good idea to consider a change.

Intimate Care – Healthy Discussions don’t have to be Taboo

This is not a topic that everyone feels comfortable to discuss. Not just between a woman and a doctor or woman to woman but also between spouses. In a sexual relationship, this can lead to intimacy problems. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are so many women who are unable to experience orgasms and one of the reasons that contribute to this, or sometimes the actual cause, is due to the discomfort in their intimate area. They often wonder and ask themselves;
“Why do I have a bad odour down there?”
“Why is it itching?”
“Why does it feel so painful during sex?”

Or the partner could be wondering similar;
“Wish I could tell her that she doesn’t smell inviting down there…”
“I’m trying everything, but she still experiences pain and discomfort and always so dry…”

Healthy discussions are important to address such matters. Whether it’s an unpleasant odour, itchiness or dryness, any and all of these can and will affect one’s sex life.

It can also affect one’s daily routine, an infection or itch can make walking or sitting uncomfortable and if unattended to, it can lead to other complications.

You’re never too old too try something new

My mother always used to tell me, if something ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it, so I honestly never believed in using such products. I learned the hard way that soap (the bar type) was not a good choice and that was many, many years ago and since, I’ve never used such soaps.

However, when I was asked if I would like to write about or test Betadine Intimate Care, I said no reluctantly, because I don’t use such products but I did and do believe that there is a need for it and do want to write about it, so agreed to. Alas, when I received it, I changed my mind, cos I love the look and feel – you should know by now that I love well packaged things! I also love the fact that the wipes are flushable and the size of the pack makes it an easy and must have for my handbag.

I’m not going to bore you with all the facts because this post is already long and more importantly, this website has all the information you require about Betadine Intimate Care and it’s so pretty to look/read through!

Ladies, don’t be shy, speak to your bestie or someone else that you feel comfortable to chat to. Speak to your partner – ask him or her about their opinion and decide together if it’s something you want to try. It’s Gynaecologically tested, its soap, paraben and colourant free, Hypoallergenic and contains Prebiotics, among other features.

Don’t let an itch, odour or dryness affect your confidence in the bedroom (or wherever else you fancy)! Do something about it, take care of your intimate area and your intimacy. Self care is not about looking good on the outside, that will happen naturally when you feel good on the inside! That’s a confidence booster. Take care, take very good care, you only have one vagina, so keep it naturally protected everyday!

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Disclaimer: I am no expert, so if you do experience any discomfort, please consult a professional. I did receive these products for review purposes, as always, all my opinions are my own.

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