Life can sometimes get too loud and chaotic! That’s why a retreat to the countryside is such a good idea! Whilst the sound of the ocean may appeal to many, there is a time and a place and also a mood for every destination. I personally will not want to be on the East coast during peak season. It’s just too busy! I’d probably need a holiday from all that stress of crowds, long lines, terrible traffic, lack of parking…I could go on. So let me rather share our experience at Brahman Hills – a countryside retreat.

We recently had the pleasure of a retreat to Brahman Hills, which evolved from what was known as The Windmills Boutique Hotel and has since had major renovations. I truly believe that this is a gem which is situated in the heart of the Midlands, yet to be discovered by many and I hope that through this blog post, you’re tempted to see what it has to offer.

From spectacular views of the gorgeous landscape, coupled with a variety of game, with conference, wedding and event facilities, the beautiful Brahman Hills has lots to offer. There is a variety of dining options, including fine dining as well as one of the most beautiful spas I have been to, read my review by clicking here.

Accommodation at Brahman Hills

There are 30 hotel rooms as well as self catering cottages. We stayed at the homely Serval Cottage, which compromised of two bedrooms, each with an en-suite. The kitchen was fully equipped with everything you would need to make a meal.

Whilst we loved and enjoyed the spaciousness of the self catering cottage, we opted to have all our meals at the restaurants, to experience the different options. Oh yes of course and the fact that I didn’t want to be cooking during a getaway! But that can be a fun thing to do when you go with a group of friends or family. We did opt to order another bottle of wine to enjoy in our own privacy at the fireplace in the cottage after dinner.

Serval Cottage is closest to the Spa, with umbrellas provided, even the rain won’t stop you from taking a walk to the Spa. When done, you can relax in your private Jacuzzi on the deck of your cottage, with magnificent views and game passing by.

The cottage was spotless. I loved and admired the effort in how the toilet paper was pleated – it’s these little fine touches that make me feel welcome. If there was anything I could suggest that could be improved, it would be the bathroom, I just felt that there was something “warm” missing – maybe to add some decor.

Brahman Hills out and about

Kayden loves the outdoors and he loves when we go away for weekends. Before we are home, he is already asking, when are we going to stay at a “hotel” again. It’s great when we spend time away from home, exploring the unknown. Although it was extremely overcast during our time at Brahman Hills, we didn’t allow it to stop us from venturing out and about.

The Glasshouse is situated on the right of the reception area and this is the path that leads to it.

Look! It’s a roller! Kayden loves construction/farming vehicles so you can imagine his delight!

These photos are almost eerie – but in a beautiful way, if that makes any sense. Although we could barely see much, the overcast weather made the experience unique.

There’s always sunshine after a rainy day, so we got to see Brahman Hills in it’s full splendor too, but that was on the day we were leaving, which only means that we need to make a trip back in the near future.

Customer Service at Brahman Hills

From the moment we checked in, until the time we checked out, we experienced warm hospitality from the staff. They are truly passionate about what they do and how they make their guests feel welcome. They also are very accommodating with special requests. It’s undoubtedly a family friendly venue as all the staff treated Kayden with genuine care for children.

Why Brahman Hills?

So, in case you were wondering why it’s called Brahman Hills – no, it has nothing to do with a Hindu Priest, known as a Brahman. Brahman is a type of cattle and you as you find many Brahman Cattle grazing on the landscape, it was aptly named Brahman Hills.
We love the family-friendly hospitality which is key for us when traveling with Kayden
We love the country look and feel
We love the self catering option
We love the spa surrounded lavishly with lavender
We love the game on the property
We love the affordability
We love the picturesque surrounds

There’s just so much to love and appreciate about this beautiful gem nestled at the foot of the Midlands Meander. The next time you’re on a trip between Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, do make a point to stop by and experience Brahman Hills.

We will be back….

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*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post and as always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Brahman Hills, seems like a beautiful experience. I love the photos where the weather is overcast. Very romantic.

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