Hello there! Remember me? I’m still around, believe it or not. It’s been a minute! I have no plan, no strategy and no flowery language for you to dote on. It’s just me, my mind and my keyboard and I like it that way. I haven’t blogged in a long while and quite honestly, I do miss it. Yet, making the time to do so, has recently seemed like a luxury. So, just in case any of you missed me, I feel as if I owe it to you but also want to share with you what I’ve been up to. So, let’s play Catch Up…

Started my own business

As some of you may be aware, I started my own business toward the end of last year. You can check it out here: Creative Suite. You may also know that when it’s in it’s infancy stage, like mine is, there’s lots of work to be done and I have naturally chosen to invest my time on getting my business off the ground. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to do some very creative work thus far and work on lovely projects – a few small ones – and that’s a start! Check out my business Facebook page by clicking here.

Working from home

I worked from home previously but it’s not the same as it is now. Previously it was indefinite and over the lockdown period last year, whilst in my previous job, nothing much was happening. I’ve therefore had to reshuffle many things to adjust – I am still adjusting. Finding balance isn’t always easy. On some days everything goes as planned and on other days, which are far too many, we end up resorting to Mr. Delivery for supper.

Social Media Detox

Is it adding value? Am I entertained? Did I learn something? If the answers are “NO” to those, then I have unfollowed MANY accounts. Some were also because I have changed over time – accounts I followed when I first became a Mum, are no longer relevant to me and I didn’t need to follow or be exposed to such content anymore. It’s called moving on. I have furthermore removed HUNDREDS of people that were following me – but were GHOST followers – the ones who never interact at all. So why follow me then? Duh…I don’t know. And, as for those followers who follow you only to unfollow you after you’ve followed them…you suck! Seriously, get a life. Don’t follow me if you don’t enjoy my content and know that if I follow you, I don’t expect the “favour” in return.

Ok…let’s refocus…I have a choice of who I allow into my space whilst on line and I am taking advantage of my right to unfollow, block and unfriend who I want to. I do this regularly and it has had a tremendous effect on my mental well-being. I almost wanted to say “you should try it too” – but I am not here to tell you what to do, but I guess there is a difference between “telling”and “suggesting” – either way…regardless of where I tell or suggest, the choice is up to you.

This has been a conscious decision in an attempt for me to practice #selfcare – nope, not just on SUNDAYS but at every opportunity that I can grab. Whilst I am on the topic of self care, do check out my Instagram IGTV Series on Self Care – they are nine episodes. Click here.

Parenting Challenges

So, I may look like I got my shit together, but trust me, I don’t. Not in this area of my life. I’m not even sure if I should start with this but let me just give it a mention. For the past few months, probably started toward the end of last year – I have been experiencing challenges in parenting. To put it bluntly, I feel like a total failure at the moment, when it comes to parenting.
Up to the middle of last year some time, I could not understand when parents, especially Mums, complained about their kids. Honestly, even before becoming a parent myself, I used to judge parents of unruly kids and wonder how they could not control them! I just could not fathom.

Well…here I am now…one of “those” Mums – who can’t control her kid. I love him! But goodness gracious, he has a mind of his own, with an attitude, a feisty one! A very close friend just pointed out the other day, “Nicole, he is feisty like his Mum”. I could not argue. She knows me very well and it’s almost scary at times, when I hear him echo things I’d say, exactly in the tone I’d use.

The struggle is real. I don’t know what happened – well actually, lots has happened for us as adults but for a 4.5 years old child – it’s much too much. I see the behaviour changes and more than often, I know where it is coming from. We have taken away screen time amongst other discipline tactics but so far, none of these things have seemed to help. It’s the back chatting or refusal to do as told or asked. I thought I’d mention that in case you were wondering what I am on about – which I hope you see as me venting and not complaining. I love my child, don’t doubt that. I just kinda wish that I could rewind to a few months ago when his behaviour was on point.

I think the scariest thing about it all is that he knows which buttons to push and he does!

So, you don’t see these challenges in the social media posts and behind that gorgeous smile of my handsome Little Man – Kayden – but I want you to know that they are there and I’m trying my best with hubby of course, to work through them. You can check out Kayden’s Instagram profile by clicking here.

I’ve just realised that this blog post is a lot longer than I planned and you’re probably asking “what’s new” if you made it up to this paragraph! Maybe if I write more regularly, I’ll have less to write about in each post…I will try that, okay. So for now, that’s all from me in terms of Catch Up. I’d of course be delighted to Catch Up with you too!

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