There are some things in life that are just meant to be on their own and that’s okay. Then there are two things you also love individually, and fortunately in this case, when you put them together, you just know that they were meant to be!  I guess you could say it was love at first bite, but with this delectable sight, it is something you will fall in love with, before the first bite.  Yes, of course! I am referring to Oreo enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate!

Oreo enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate celebrates its first birthday!


Can you believe it’s almost a year that this mouth-watering innovation across two categories entered our world? Yep, I kid you not, it was launched on the 07th of July 2017, which was also World Chocolate Day! To celebrate the first birthday of this splendid innovation, one lucky reader stands the chance to win a prize worth R1700! Details at the end of this post.

“We could not be happier with how our fans have welcomed this flavour into the Oreo family over the past year, as it has grown phenomenally”, says Thandi Ntuli, Category Lead for biscuits.

I have been a lover of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate for as long as I can remember. At room temperature, (cos I don’t eat any chocolate from the fridge), is how I enjoy it. I literally like to enjoy this chocolate without any distractions, to experience it melt in your mouth…slowly and decadently so.

As for Oreos, I prefer them in ice-cream. Yes, I do love a McFlurry, even on a cold winter’s day! After I first tasted a gourmet Oreo milkshake, I had to make some of my own at home and it is always an incredibly satisfying treat! I also love Oreos in or on cakes and desserts. There’s endless ways to be creative with them in this area.

Perhaps it’s easier to relate to my excitement, now that you I’ve given you some indication as to how much I love Oreos and Cadbury Dairy Milk. Yes, it’s a match made in heaven for me, where I get to experience the sensation of the wonderfilled Oreo even more, as it is enrobed in delicious Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate.  Who said you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds! If the opportunity exists, why not!

Whether you choose to dunk it in some milk, use it as cake toppers or deconstruct them for a dessert, there’s no right and wrong way…you and your entire family can enjoy Oreo covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, in any way that tickles your fancy. Whichever way you choose, you will not be disappointed…but you know this already, right?

Oreo covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate are available in stores nationwide in 6-Packs, priced at the retailer’s discretion.

For more information, please follow Oreo on Facebook and Twitter @Oreo.


Oreo Enrobed - PeanutGallery247


One lucky reader stands the chance to win a prize valued at R1700! The prize consists of a Spa voucher worth R1500 and an Oreo hamper worth R200. Talk about a treat!

All you have to do is leave a comment below, and let me know how you have or will enjoy Oreo enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

It’s as simple as that. Seriously. It is. For more entries, share this post on social media using the hashtag #OreoEnrobed

T’s and C’s

  • The competition closes at midnight on the 06th of July 2018
  • The winner will be announced on 07th of July 2018
  • The prize is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash
  • This competition is open to South African residents only

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97 Replies to “Celebrate with Oreo Enrobed & Win a Treat worth R1700!”

  1. I would love it with black coffee. Reading the newspaper, enjoying breakfast, thereafter my dessert.

  2. I will enjoy my Cadbury enrobed Oreo whole binge watching a good crime drama series with a strong cup of coffee

  3. I would enjoy it with vanilla ice cream and coke. A sweet treat to indulge in. The taste would out way the cold. Yummy

  4. I have heard sooo many great things about this 😍 and im dying to try it out! I would love to win this prize, as i deserve some pampering, i have been working my butt off the past few months, and ya girl needs some chill time 😁 sharing all the way! Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

  5. This is my absolute favourite! I’ve placed this inbetween batter in a cupcake holder, melted it in the microwave and served with custard, dunk it in milk and also tea, crumbled as a base and topped with chovochoc mouse and ofcouse I’ve enjoyed it as is. #ChocolateEnrobed #OreoEnrobed

  6. I would love to eat this while chasing snow with a nice, warm cup of coffee from a flask!

  7. I would crush it and have it with muesli and yoghurt for my breakfast.
    Snack it as it is.
    Crush it and add them to my home made vanilla ice-cream to add that chocolatey 🍫 taste for dessert and lastly deep in my hot chocolate especially this winter😋😋

  8. Find a nice quiet corner where there is no husband or child, quietly cut open the packet and enjoy. Some things should be shared and some tasty treats not 😀

  9. I would definitely enjoy my Oreo enrobed in Cadbury milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Yummy!!!!

  10. I would definitely enjoy my Oreo enrobed in Cadbury milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Yummy!!!!

  11. I would layer some marshmallows on a sheet of foil on a tray place the oreo chocolate covered biscuits over it.. drizzle some pecan nuts cover it in foil and put it on a hot braai stand for 5mins .let it melt once done remove it from the coal .. get the hugest spoon out and indulge.. every bite with a gooy crunch mouth flavour full of chocolatey goodness..

  12. A year since these have been available and I haven’t tried them yet! Eeek! Adore Oreos though, they are the best cookies ever! Am not a dunker, but would enjoy these as a treat with a really good cup of coffee or hot chocolate (if my kids don’t devour them first that is)

  13. Most definitely with a huge mug of coffee. And dunk it .. let the chocolate melt and gulp it down with the crunchyness of the biscuit with the soft Cadbury chocolate melting into your mouth.. mmmhhh delicious. Just repeat and repeat till the craving has been satisfied. Yummylicious..just gotta love it..

    1. I would definitely enjoy my Oreo with warm chocolate milk. Wow so tasty and delicious

  14. As topping for a waffle .I would add ice-cream , variety of nuts , crush Oreo cadbury biscuits with a drizzle of chocolate sauce . Its one of the favorites among my family

  15. These drool-worthy snacks can be eaten in a wide variety of ways – simply rip upon a pack and devour them as is or, for an extra gooey experience, try dipping them in warm milk or hot chocolate (triple chocolatey goodness). No matter how you eat it, grab a pack of these babies and make all your chocolate dreams come true.

  16. Oooh wow how awesome is this..
    Would so av it with a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallow.cuddle with my hubby and watching awesome is that

  17. During this icy cold winter days I just have to first take a warm bath, then wrap me up in in fluffy warm bathrobe, then off to bed with a steaming cup of Hot chocolate to wash down the box of Oreos that I will gobble up all on my own.

  18. I will enjoy oreo enrobed in the comfort of my bed with my favourite blanket and a lovely romantic movie

  19. I indulgingly take two of these as well a marshmallow. I begin by roasting the marshmallow to almost charred but gooey, the squish in between two enrobed Oreos. But wait, there’s more. I then dip this already crazy chocolate treasure into a large saucepan size mug of steamy Cadbury hot chocolate, and just as everything starts melting and dripping I take a large bite and chew super slowly because I just don’t want any part of it to end. The TV has to be on mute else the entire experience is lost. Divine.

  20. I have my Oreos at night with a hot cup of chai tea with almond milk and extra cinnamon…..decadent and divine!

  21. Wow it sounds mouth watering yummy..😱
    I would love it with some nice HOT Nescafe coffee ♥
    And yes i will be sharing it with my hubby, kids and fur babies 🌸#SharingIsCaring or what do you say peanutgallery247💕

  22. I will enjoy it with my glass of wine , while watching a episode of greys…mommy me time. (This is ofcourse after everyone is asleep lol including hubby)

  23. Havent tried these definitely willing to. Id share this with my boyfriend with a hot glass of milk & some popcorn, on a cold night with a Harry Potter marathon.

  24. I have not tried the enrolled Oreos yet, only the plain ones. I love my cookies with hot chocolate or a nice hot cuppa tea.

  25. This would be an awesome surprise for myself lol.. I love the Cadbury dipped oreos with milk.. The classic is best 😍

  26. hmm homemade mcflurry with #oreoenrobed to fight this winter cold fight cold with cold as mom always say also to just relax with hubby and n daughter watching movies it will be the best midnight snack my toddler actually sleeps after midnight so we can enjoy R200 worth of oreo together sweet treats makes sweet memories😉hubby also entered to double our chances of winning

  27. Would keep it in my drawer at work and not tell a sole. If they see me they will see my mouth is moving

  28. About a week ago I’ve bought the Oreo Enrobed for the very first time and after the first time I could actually kick myself for not buying some sooner. I should have known that the fact that we LOVE oreos, it will be obvious that the oreo enrobed would be so good!

    I hope I get to win this hamper.

  29. #peanutgallery247 , i also have Cadbury’s whispers or m&m’s mixed in my popcorn at the movies.
    I would have my Oreo Enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with a delicious cup of coffee while watching an animated movie with my kids… enjoying the the rich chocolatey taste…feeling all warm and cuddly ….

  30. I will enjoy dunking it in a cuppa Milo whilst sitting on my comfy sofa and listening to my favourite pan pipe music.
    Will feel completely satisfied and happy.
    Simple yet wonderful way to enjoy it.Delicious and satisfying.

  31. I would probably enjoy it sneakily in a dark cupboard late at night when no one is awake to steal my treats 🤣

  32. As if we needed any excuse to indulge in an Oreo or two… Especially if it’s the OREO ENROBED CADBURY DAIRYMILK. Since my brother is on holiday and with the Fifa world cup on, snacks is a must! A lovely cookies & cream milkshake with a lovely oreo black magic bar would be an ideal choice to enjoy the oreo enrobed.

  33. I would enjoy my Oreo enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in ice cream. I’m obsessed with MFlurry with extra sauce so I would make my own and go crazy 🍨
    I would also use most of them for my little girls birthday cake, I envision an Oreo drip cake with lots of of Cadbury chocolate, Oreos and sprinkles. Oooh and maybe a cookie monster figurine (my daughter is a cookie monster lol ).

  34. Well, I would have to hide them first! Because #kids. Then, I would wait until they have gone to sleep before I kick back with some Grey’s Anatomy and a cup of tea. I’ve been dying to try the chocolate enrobed Oreos but haven’t seem then in the shops. Maybe that’s a good thing. It won’t do my ever expanding waistline any favours. 😉

  35. I will enjoy it dunked in Hot chocolate (hehe I am unique) and I will do so while wearing a hoody nice and warm in bed this winter freezing xxxxxxxxxx

  36. I would enjoy it anywhere and everywhere but specifically lying in bed in front of the TV watching my favourite series and eating my favourite snack with a cappuccino…

  37. 1st u twist it and u lick it then u dunk it since its winter warm milk will be perfect and sharing with my wife and daughter will be priceless sweet moments

  38. My son and I love all thing Oreo and chocolate…and when this came out we def bought them. We eat them as is as an anytime snack. I also used it to make a chocolate fridge tart…and of course…dunked in Milo.
    There is no wrong way to have it.

  39. Hi there, we had these lovely delights before, but I had to munch them out of sight of my 3 boys, like hiding in a cupboard, but best eaten at the end of the day with a hot beverage, after kids gone to bed, lol

  40. Hello I love love love or oreos!!!! I can just imagine dunking them in my bedtime hot chocolate. Yummy

  41. I will bite off the chocolate edges, then twist them apart and lick the filling, then put them back together and EAT! The only way you should eat Oreos!

  42. Curled up on the couch.. watching my favourite series.. with a delicious cup of tea.. I couldn’t ask for better.

  43. I’ve never had this 🙈OMG 😱
    I can’t for the life of me imagine why.. But after reading all these tasty ideas I’m definitely going to try it. With winter being so chilli, it’s definitely gonna be a nice comfort as I don’t have a cuddle buddy this winter 😊😊
    That prize is awesome btw.. perfectly paired gift. Fingers crossed.

    1. Oh my gosh Colleen….where have you been lol? Well, I’m glad you’ve heard about it through Peanut Gallery 247 😀 winter or not…this will surely be a delectable indulgence. Good luck 🍀

  44. No ways I am sharing this!!
    Ill have my Oreo enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate all to myself, in bed, with a mug of coffee and a magazine – do not disturb! LOL

    1. It’s understandable that you want this all to yourself 😉 good luck Jackie 🍀

  45. Would love to have these with a glass of cold milk and put on a layer of fresh cream on the top mmmmm…. yummy

  46. I would enjoy my Oreo Cadbury Milk Chocolate, relaxed in my room. With a good marathon of romantic movies. Under my warm blanket by the heater it is winter😉. My kids would also be worrying me and I would have to share🤔😭😜. However we would fall asleep sedated by delicious Oreo Cadbury Milk Chocolate

  47. il make a decadent chocolate cupcakes -i tried it with plain oreos but i definitely think the oreos enrobed in Cadbury milk chocolate will add that extra mouthwatering heavenly choclatey

    1. Mmmh…in cupcakes…oh I also want to make some soon….I’m going to! I’ve had them before but I didn’t make them myself…Thanks for the inspiration and good luck 🍀

  48. Oh my Oreo Enrobed with chocolate biscuits
    I’d enjoy them with my daughter since school holidays with cups of coffee in front of a tv mmmmmmh

  49. I enjoy my Oreo Enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate watching a movie, sitting under a blanket and eating it delightfully enjoying it piece by piece #InLove #OreoEnrobed

    1. And this weather jut makes that thought even more inviting ☺️ Good luck Adeline 🍀

  50. Well since I,have 3 Oreo crazy kids…I’d have to,share with my babas….but just,enjoying my #OreoEnrobed in Dairy Milk Chocolate dunked in milk would be oh so perfect…..

    1. Sharing is caring and I’m sure your kids will love that. Do you dunk it in warm or cold milk by the way? Just curious. Good luck Delini 🍀

  51. Oooh.. Yummy I would most Definitly enjoy it with a hot cup of hotchoclate and a movie under a warm blanker withwith the heater on because it is very very cold.. It would be such a relaxing moment for me.

    1. Nicia- minus the movie…I just did that and it sure did hit the spot 😋 good luck 🍀

    1. Mmh..speaking of love story movies, I haven’t watched one recently….that’s a good idea, thank you and good luck 🍀

    1. Comments will be delayed as I need to approve them first 😉 I’ve set it so to avoid spam 😊

  52. I have it with toasted marshmallows and smarties,a child at heat when it comes to chocolate ,I love to indulge in the finer things in life definitely one of my favorites

  53. I think il make a decadent chocolate mousse -i tried it with plain oreos but i definitely think the oreos enrobed in Cadbury milk chocolate will add that extra heavenly choclatey goodness!!

    1. And you can always add more Dairy Milk chocolate if you prefer 😉 let us know when you try? Good luck 🍀

  54. Slightly melted with popcorn😍 and obviously having to share with my Honey (who insists he doesnt eat sweet things but eats all my chocolate covered oreos that he buys!) Perfect winter snack

    1. With popcorn? 🍿 mmh…haven’t heard of that but considering I eat Cadbury’s Whispers with my popcorn at the movies, I probably may like your idea! Good luck 🍀

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