My husband has always played sport and trained hard, who knows why maybe it was for self-confidence or to keep up with ‘The Jones’s,’ all I know is that at the end of the day or a long training session I’m begged ever so nicely to please give him a 15-minute massage.

I’m not going to lie I don’t always enjoy it because who wants to exert more energy after your long day of work, but I guess this is why we have partners in a marriage, am I right? Hence storing all the ‘massage cards’ for that rainy day when the perfect pair of shoes show up in-store.

I have, however, come across a product that has so many benefits to our family dynamic I wish I had found it 5 years ago. I’m talking about CBD salve, a little tub of topical cream that gives you more bang for your buck, as the saying goes, and works quicker than anything we have previously used.

The massage session is cut by half, my hands don’t have to work as hard as usual because the effects of the salve are so rapid and get to work in the tissue and muscles the minute you begin to apply it, and my husband says he has never felt such relief from strained and overworked muscles. Win-win.

To get your hands on products that could eliminate hours of squashing your other half’s tired body, check out, and browse the various products that could change the way you approach everyday tasks. Various packaging sizes and methods of administration suited to everybody’s needs, old or young.

We have enough added pressure from life than adding to it the fatigue of a worn out and painful body, CBD not only aids and prevents inflammation and pain but regulates the systems within the body to create well-being you may never have experienced before.

When we think about salve we immediately think tiny tubes or jars, over-priced, and filled with chemicals. But with CBD significantly increasing in popularity this is no longer the case, naturally infused and organic salves can now become the norm and are hitting market shelves all over the globe.

The even greater news is the fact that this gift is from Mother Nature herself, and the hemp plant and flower have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years before we had any hard knowledge of it.

Ancient Chinese emperors would infuse it into their tea before bed to rule out and eliminate sleeping disorders, creating a calmer internal system and mindset, they sipped it as if it could cure the world, and for them it did.

Read an interesting article in this link for a brief look into how the world has evolved and how this product has expanded from Asia to Africa, and the Middle East, a global revolution in modern medicine, without all the negative side-effects from chemicals.

If you have ever had a horrible night’s sleep tossing and turning and waking up exhausted you can certainly empathize with them, I know I do. As a light sleeper this is my biggest pain in life, but now with a few sips of tea, how things have changed, and there is no going back.

Choosing a CBD salve.

Salve is ideally applied with the fingertips or hands and massaged with medium pressure into the affected area. Knowing if a salve is the correct one to treat your ailment is not as tough as you may have thought, by keeping to a few simple steps you’ll be shopping with ease before you know it.

Take a minute to look at some tips and tricks on choosing an organic CBD product and don’t fall into a price that may seem too good to be true, it usually is.

Ensure the product and brand you are looking at states the concentration of THC, you want an item that contains less than 0.3% to ensure the chances of getting ‘high’ and having a hallucinogenic reaction are taken out of the picture.

The days of being in chronic pain and taking chemically-based medicines will soon be a thing of the past, enjoy life, we only have one after all.

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6 Replies to “Changing Your Life With CBD Salve”

  1. Certainly got my attention!! Massages are always welcomed but returning always comes with much procrastination. Always looking for tried and tested methods

    1. If you come across a good CBD Salve here in SA, please let me know. I’ve actually had quite a few people ask since this post and whilst I currently don’t have any body pain, I’d like to be prepared for when I do 😉

  2. Well, in my youth I was a bit of a rebel and had experience with the more potent versions of hemp. So I had an idea that it would be good. I just didn’t realize how good plain CBD would work.

    1. I appreciate your honesty! I am glad that CBD is working wonders for you 🙂

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