A few months ago, one of my colleagues had mentioned that her children were very restless if they went out to restaurants. I was surprised, Kayden was in his late infancy stage at the time, so he used to even fall asleep if we went to restaurants, whether they were child friendly restaurants or not, so we didn’t experience any challenges whatsoever and I proudly mentioned this to my colleague. Her response was, that we are very lucky. Of course, I also thought so!

Low and behold, I spoke too soon! We clearly didn’t know what lay ahead of us at that stage. Soon after Kayden reached toddler stage, we got to experience him screaming in a restaurant, loud enough for everyone there to hear. There goes my pride. There goes that once perfectly silent child who could fall asleep in the noisiest restaurants!

The one day, I asked the waitress, “do all children scream like this?” She responded, “yes, but not as loud”. Ouch! It just hit me then, that I’ve now become “that” parent who couldn’t control their child. Ha! It’s so easy to make these judgements when you yourself are not a parent.

So I learn these things as I continue my journey of mommyhood. With that being said, I understand my little munchkin is excited to be out and about, he is exploring the new sights and testing his vocal chords in the process. I do recall my time before mommyhood and recall how I judge other parents and sometimes got annoyed at the noise, taking this into consideration, we are more mindful about the restaurants we choose when dining out, we look for child friendly places.

If you’re going on holiday soon or happen to live in the Cape, have a look at this Guest Post by Charlene, who shares with us 6 Child Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town:

About Charlene:

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6 Child Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town

1.  Rhodes Memorial Tea Garden and Restaurant

You can find the restaurant on the Northern slope of Table Mountain, a child-friendly Restaurant and tea garden offering scenic views and mouth-watering food. Kids can get special rates and the venue includes a playground with swings, slides, sand pit and a fun jungle gym.

Website: https://thingstodowithkids.co.za/event/rhodes-memorial-cape-town

Contact: 021 687 0000

2.  Die Damhuis Restaurant, Melkbosstrand

Die Damhuis is in fact the oldest building in Melkbosstrand. The building itself has actually been declared a National Monument. The building has been renovated and is now a fantastic Restaurant located on the beachfront. Here you will find delicious sea food and for the kids there is a big sand area that is conveniently covered. They can build sand castles and have fun on the jungle gym.

Website: www.diedamhuis.co.za

Contact: 021 553 0093

Child Friendly Restaurants Die Dam Huis - PeanutGallery247

3.  Warwick Wine Estate, R44, Stellenbosch

The Estate provides a beautiful picnic area with a jungle gym the kids can play on. Warwick also hosts various events like the Galileo Open Air Cinema, so there is plenty of entertainment for everyone.

Read more about their fun and tasty picnics: https://thingstodowithkids.co.za/blog/fun-family-picnic-warwick

Website: www.warwickwine.com

Contact: 021 884 4410

Child Friendly Restaurants Warwick Wine Estate - PeanutGallery247

4.  Dutch Haven Bistro, High Street, Durbanville

The Bistro offers Dutch inspired food that you can enjoy in a relaxed and child-friendly location. A kid’s menu is provided and they can get rid of some energy on the jungle gym outside. Smaller kiddies can also have fun in a more enclosed and safer play area.

Website: www.dutchhaven.co.za

Contact: 021 914 6120

5.  Wild Clover Farm, Stellenbosch

The kid’s zone provides a diverse assortment of activities for the kids. Activities include a jungle gym and bike track.

Other activities include:

  • A Wildlife sanctuary
  • Horse riding
  • Archery

The Restaurant itself provides delicious food and you can get a children’s menu.

Website: www.wildclover.co.za

Contact: 021 865 2248

6.  Blasters, Brackenfell

Blaster is a child-friendly restaurant located at the Cape Gate Décor Centre in Brackenfell. The venue offers one of the largest and safest indoor play areas in South Africa. You also don’t have to worry about the kids as they are fully supervised.

Website: https://thingstodowithkids.co.za/event/blasters-family-restaurant-entertainment-centre

Contact: 021 981 7555

Have you been to any other child friendly restaurants in Cape Town? Please do share, we would love to know about them in the comments below…

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