Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is just a week a way! I’ve seen a few social media posts over the past few days and the common adjective across them all was the word “crazy”, describing how this year has been. I concur! So crazy that I have not even had a chance to do proper Christmas shopping as yet. Thanks to Hasbro, I have some fantastic options for Christmas stocking filler ideas which I know Kayden will love! It sure beats the candy, which quite honestly looks pretty and traditional, but doesn’t at all appeal to him.

Things to consider when doing the Christmas Stocking Filler

  • Perhaps you want to get the stocking first, knowing the size will allow you to further decide what size of items to fill up with
  • Do you want to buy Christmas Stocking or make you own personal one? You could actually buy one and add to it to make it personal, for example, add some glitter or another fabric if not felt, with the name or initial of the child/children
  • Do you want to do the traditional red stocking? If not, there are other colours and also other material
  • Will you do just one or more and if more, will they be different sizes?
  • Will you wrap the gifts or simply place them inside the stocking unwrapped?
  • Are the gifts age appropriate?
  • Will there be a variety of gifts, e.g. something to eat, something to wear and something to play with?

Okay…so those were just some thoughts that crossed my mind which I hope gives you something to think about. I don’t like the idea of just buying whatever to fill up the stocking. I personally want my child to be delighted with what’s inside. Things that will make him smile and things that he will use or play with and not throw aside a few minutes after the excitement has worn off.

That’s why I love these stocking filler ideas from Hasbro!

Play-Doh Colour Burst

Play-Doh is something that Kayden is nowhere near bored of and I personally love the innovation from this brand. There’s such a variety in the range and it’s always changing, leaving you with many options. Whether you choose to use the roller or your hands to squish and blend the two colours together, the cool marbling and blending effect as the colours swirl and change before your eyes, makes it seem like some kind of magic to a toddler. It looks like some delicious ice-cream or dessert, fortunately Play-Doh is non-toxic, which is something else I love about it!

There’s active, creative and imaginative play all coupled when playing with this particular range.

“Look Mummy, look Dadda….wow………look at how all the colours are changing….I love this Play-Doh, can you buy me more please.”

That’s Kayden’s stamp of approval and of course, because of the excitement and awe we see as he plays with Play-Doh, that contributes as a deciding factor as to why Play-Doh will still be a part of his life for the next few years. It’s a great way for his imagination to unfold and the variety just stimulates limitless possibilities as we can see as he has a blast with Play-Doh.

I believe it’s going to be a real treat for Kayden to experience the irresistibly fun Play-Doh Ice Pops ‘n Ice Cream Cones Assortment! Not pictured here as we have yet to get this for him. Instead of a can, Play-Doh compound comes in an airtight container shaped like an ice-cream cone or ice pop. There are built-in moulds to customise your own creations, complete with crazy candies. I can already visualise just how much Kayden is going to love this!

Lost Kitties Mice Mania milk carton singles

Look out for the Lost Kitties Mice Mania milk carton singles, which comes with a mouse or kitty figure, meme stickers, two hidden accessories and a collector’s sheet. Store the compound in the resealable carton so you can keep discovering over and over again.

As if Play-Doh wasn’t exciting enough on it’s own…the Lost Kitties Mice Mania Milk Carton singles is such a perfect little treat – digging into what feels like Play-Doh, but this time, with a treasure to be found! The element of surprise is fantastic for an enquiring mind of a toddler!
Kayden’t seen the pictures and he has indicated which other Lost Kitties he’d like to have – although we can’t guarantee it will be those ones…we are pretty confident he will like them all anyway.

We love watching and listening to him “talk” to them – it’s so cute, just as they are!

Marvel Figures

The Marvel Figures assortment includes the classic Marvel design. With these action figures, kids can create scenes from the Marvel Universe or imagine their own incredible adventures. This assortment includes Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

As both hubby and myself are fans of Marvel, Kayden is also naturally a fan of the brand.
He can sit for hours on the floor or couch, just playing with them and “talking’ to them. I really enjoy his conversations with them! He has the bigger versions, but these stocking fillers are great to take along when travelling – it’s a great companion to tag along with us on long drives.

I’m still not sure how I feel about him pretending to be Hulk though…and wanting to smash things (not that he does!) – when I cross question something that he says which are along the lines of smashing things up, he replies, “Mum, I’m only pretending, it’s not for real,” – so I’m glad that he understands that it’s really not okay to actually smash anything or anyone and that Hulk is just a character in a movie fighting off the “bad guys” as he refers to them.

On that note, it’s important to be observant to what we expose our kids to and to do so responsibly.

Other Stocking Filler Ideas from Hasbro:

The list goes on, there’s something for boys and for girls and also non gender specific – have a look at this post from Spirited Mama blog for some inspiration – with details and pictures.

Win a Hasbro Hamper worth R800! Included in the hamper:

  • A Hasbro Game
  • Play-Doh
  • Nerf Microshot
  • Lost Kitty Collectable

To stand a chance to win this hamper, all you have to do is tell me in the comments below, which are your top three stocking filler picks from these ideas (including those listed on the post from Spirited Mama)

T’s and C’s
1. Competition open to South African residents only
2. Prize is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash
3. The competition ends at 8am on the 27th of December 2019
4. The prize will be delivered to the winner between January and February 2020
5. The winner will be announced on the Peanut Gallery 247 Facebook Page, click here to follow/like.

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This post was done in collaboration with Hasbro via it’s PR representative
All photos are my own and may not be used without permission

38 Replies to “Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas from Hasbro”

  1. Play-Doh Color Burst sounds amazing
    Captain America Marvel figure he’s my daughter’s favourite
    Baby Alive Snip n Style Baby – she will love this!

    1. Super awesome, perfect giveaway… My choice for stocking fillers would be…
      ✔️Nerf micro shot
      ✔️Marvel figurines
      ✔️Play dough colour burst

    1. Play-Doh
      Nerf Microshot
      Lost Kitty Collectable. My son with definitely love the Nerf gun, my 4yr old nephew would love the Play-Doh and my niece would for sure love the Lost Kitty collectable

    1. Thanks for your entry Nasika. Is there a favourite Marvel figurine or a favourite Hasbro board game?

    1. My choices would be
      1. Transformers toy figure
      2. Elsa Fashion Doll
      3. Fold and Go Arendelle Castle portable playset

  2. Play Doh
    It’s my daughters favourite thing, she loves play doh.
    Nerf Microshot
    Even though shes a girl, she still loves playing shooting with her school friends 😊
    A Hasbro game
    Every week we have family time, which includes us playing a game, my daughter waits for this as she loves games.

        1. Play Doh
          Hasbro Game
          All my daughters favourites, shes very creative and can go hours on end with play doh. She loves her puzzles and board games which we include in our family game night. Thanks to me lol, she loves Marvel, everytime I watch a marvel movie, I call her to watch with me. Shes now my mini marvel fan.

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