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2 hours ago

Peanut Gallery 247

When he says “please crack my nuts”

And I willingly oblige 😇

Evidence in the comments
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3 days ago

Peanut Gallery 247

Hello December!

Whilst some of us may be excited that the Festive Season is here, there are many who can’t share the same sentiments, for many reasons.

2020 has been a challenging year (quite an understatement).For some, it was for the better but for many, they lost income, they lost jobs, they lost loved ones.

This festive season, I want to ask you to scratch your head a little and think about how you can make someone smile. It doesn’t have to be for a charity or organization. We all have friends, family and colleagues amongst us who may be in need. There’s car guards, waiters, fast food staff, etc.

If we all look around, we will find things that we no longer use or need, that we can give to someone who needs it and will truly appreciate. “Words are Wind”, is what people in Westeros say. We need to talk less and act more!

I am reaching out to all my followers to step up! You don’t have to be a business, you can be an individual or a team or a family. I challenge you all.

Comment here using the hashtag #SpreadingJoywithPeanutGallery247 if you want to give and then send me a DM of the details or comment with details.

Comment here using the hashtag #WishesThroughPeanutGallery247 if there is someone or a group of people or a team etc. that needs something – with some details of what’s needed or send me a DM and I will post the need if anonymity is important.

I will facilitate the process for third party contributions, if and when required.

So come on, let’s do this. 💪🏽
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At the virtual launch of #MiraTheRoyalDetective - voice by @BecauseImFreida ❤️
Love the diversity awareness & especially for this age group!

On @DStv channel 309 on Nov 9 at 18:00.

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