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6 days ago

Peanut Gallery 247

Aum sign round acrylic key chains/bag tags
R45 each
Buy 4 or more at R40 each

Want to add an Aum sign notebook with this? See previous post

Delivery in and around Midrand is free for a minimum order of 2 - for all other areas (South AFRICA only), courier fees apply.

DM or WhatsApp 082 5533 012 to enquire or place an order

*Subject to stock availability
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2 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

Failure is part of growth.

Being rude isn’t necessary when someone fails at something.

But at the same time, saying something looks/tastes great when it doesn’t - is just toxic positivity.

Personally, I’d rather have constructive feedback than be led to believe a failed project/attempt is good work.

Have you observed how some people are so afraid to offer constructive feedback that they’ll even say “wow, well done, it looks great” - in the fear of not hurting someone?

I’d rather say, “wow, well done on attempting that - I have thought about it but haven’t had the courage to try! I think there’s some areas for improvement, may I offer some suggestions?”

I’d rather say something to that effect than mislead someone into thinking something was wow when instead they could use valuable feedback to improve.

Your thoughts?
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2 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

"𝕴 kᥒ᥆ᥕ і𝗍 sᥱᥱms һᥲrძ s᥆mᥱ𝗍іmᥱs, ᑲᥙ𝗍 rᥱmᥱmᑲᥱr ᥆ᥒᥱ 𝗍һіᥒg, 𝗍һr᥆ᥙgһ ᥱ᥎ᥱrᥡ ძᥲrk ᥒіgһ𝗍, 𝗍һᥱrᥱ's ᥲ ᑲrіgһ𝗍 ძᥲᥡ ᥲ𝖿𝗍ᥱr 𝗍һᥲ𝗍. 𝕾᥆ ᥒ᥆ mᥲ𝗍𝗍ᥱr һ᥆ᥕ һᥲrძ і𝗍 gᥱ𝗍s, kᥱᥱ⍴ ᥡ᥆ᥙr ᥴһᥱs𝗍 ᥆ᥙ𝗍, kᥱᥱ⍴ ᥡ᥆ᥙr һᥱᥲძ ᥙ⍴ ᥲᥒძ һᥲᥒძᥣᥱ і𝗍." ~ 𝕿ᥙ⍴ᥲᥴ 𝕾һᥲkᥙr ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

I used to love Valentine's Day since Primary School! There was such excitement. I remember those colourful sweets with sayings on it and cute little thoughtful gifts...which I admit that I received lots more than I gave 😉

I love these, so naturally Kayden will be handing some out on V Day this year!❤
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Congrats to our #misssouthafrica @Lalela_lali who made the Top 3 at the 70th #MissUniverse pageant - held in Eilat, Israel.

Mswane was crowned 2nd runner up & Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu taking the crown. Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira the 1st runner-up.
#MissSA2021 #Faceyourpower


#forza #ForzaHorizon5 #forzahorizon5go #ForzaHorizon #XboxGamePass #XboxSeriesS

My 5 year old won his 1st FH5 Eliminator today……to add to his two FH4 wins. So proud of him!


#BlackFridayDeals2021 #cricut #cricutmea @PNASouthAfrica

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