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2 days ago

Peanut Gallery 247

Hey hey its ComicCon Day and we have amazing specials on at the Cricut stand – pop by and come and stock up on NEW products.

Come and see the MugPress in action, and for today….a little surprise as well ☺️

We are super excited for so many NEW and exciting things to come.

Take advantage of the amazing pricing at CCA - Specials ONLY valid for CCA

The Cricut stand at ComicCon is a real vibe, you don’t want to miss out

#Cricut #CricutSA #CricutAtComicCon #CricutHero
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3 days ago

Peanut Gallery 247

💥About today - Comic Con AFRICA 2022 💥

👇🏽Check out the fabulous deals from PNA exclusive to Comic Con on these Cricut products in addition to the bundles as pictured…


#cricutambassador #cricutsa #comicconafrica #KidsCon

Cricut South Africa
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7 days ago

Peanut Gallery 247

It’s been a minute - hope you’re all well.

Just leaving this here - if you’re upset for having load-shedding once in the day…hope looking at our schedule makes you feel a little better…
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3 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

In a family, in the private and the public sector, at corporate, at small or big companies, even in community groups etc. - there has always been favouritism and sadly there will always be.

Someone else will always be the blue eyed boy/girl, someone else will always be given opportunities. Very often, the same people will be selected to be in the limelight over and over again - sometimes they are the best and deserve it and at other times they’re damn useless but suck up to be there, always stroking someone’s ego.

There’s some people that always get the “freebies” and paid opportunities even though your efforts may be of a better quality.

This says a lot about the “leader”. This says a lot about the lack of integrity when friends/family/favourites are given preferential treatment.

But should this affect you? Of course you will be upset about it - but don’t let it change who you are and why you do the things you do.

You do your best anyway 💪🏽 Don’t allow favouritism or nepotism to affect your output. Let your passion, commitment and clear conscience drive you to excel and focus on what you do and why you do it and not on why or who else is always the blue eyed girl/boy.
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