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4 hours ago

Peanut Gallery 247

So…my husband is not a dancer and doesn’t like to, not at all.

But for our wedding day, he said he would dance to this song and we did.

Kayden and I got into the car about half hour ago or so and this song began playing on the radio and I was smiling from left to right ☺️

It just hits different after having a baby ❣️

So by the time we got home, Emil (my hubby) came to the car and immediately heard the song and was smiling like I was too - with that twinkle in his eyes 😍

So when we entered the kitchen hugging and me dancing a little - Kayden (as usual) smiling and blushing and can’t NOT be part of our hugs…turned around to make it a family hug 🤗

It’s the simple things like this in life that just make me so happy and this song is now even more beautiful than the very first time my husband played it for me ❣️

Don’t ask me why but I just felt that I should share this here with you and I hope it makes you smile 😊 ❤️

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2 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

Seeing that we’re on the topic of introductions - for those of you who are new here; this Little Man is my son Kayden (www.instagram.com/the_k_den)

I was 38 years old when he was born (2016) and I loved being pregnant! 😍

Emil didn’t want to know the gender of our baby before he or she was born so we referred to him/her as “Peanut”

That’s how my blog got its name: www.peanutgallery247.com (Peanut Gallery was taken)

Before Kayden was born, I was obsessed with having a daughter and when I say obsessed I thought I was going to need professional counselling if it wasn’t a girl.

The very second he was born - we had tears in our eyes - tears of joy! 😍❣️🥰

We were in love and I had nor have any regrets that I have a son and not a daughter.

I’ve tried to convince Emil to let me put on some cute girl’s outfits for him but I wasn’t convincing enough so sadly there are no pictures of him in a tutu…yet.

Kayden is in Grade 00 and I created a separate Instagram profile for him to post about the things of interest to him specifically from his lunch boxes to his hobbies and toys.

We only do this when he allows me to - I don’t want to be that #InstaMom that lives our lives just to post on social media 🙈 but in saying that - I have to also mention what this #5yearold said to me this morning to remind me of this - check the comment! 🙈
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2 weeks ago

Peanut Gallery 247

For those of you who are new around here - thought I’d introduce you to my hubby, aka as Emil, also known as the love of my life. ❣️

And that’s no cliche - he is the boy that I first fell in love with 😍 of course I didn’t know what love was then - but just looking at him, the mention of his name and anything about him - brought smiles to my face and my heart.

We were in primary school (5 years old)- each other’s first crush. 🥰

We last saw each other in standard five and met again twenty years later!

We call that serendipity 😍

Then our journey of dating began in 2011. I’ve shared the rest on the blog (www.peanutgallery247.com) over the years so let me not bore you…those that are here for a while now.

The reason you hardly ever see pictures of him on social media is because it’s his preference and I respect that.

But…for those of you from India sending me marriage proposals and slipping into my DM’s - just wanted to point out that I love my husband dearly - I’m not just married but happily married and thought I’d just mention that 😀

This man is my rock, my life, my everything! He is the reason I believe in true love - because of him, I know what trust, loyalty, true love and honesty is all about.

When I had almost given up on love - there he was - my true love, my soul mate, my lover, my best friend.

I have always loved the idea of being in love and the only difference with him is that the feeling is mutual in such intimate ways, where I’ve never experienced love on such levels.

I’ve read about it in books, I’ve watched movies about it but this right here isn’t any of them - it’s my life, it’s my love…it’s all real and through all these years of knowing each other, dating and being married to each other - it’s a love that just grows and grows 🥰
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