Jonti Mayer is a self-confessed liberator of people from all that constrains them. He’s been in corporate coaching and consulting in South Africa since 2000 – and he empowers leaders to take themselves, their teams, and their organisations to the next level.

Now the wisdom, experience and insight he has gleaned from the transformational wisdom of the east and the west, together with cutting-edge methodologies and exercises, and his own personal journey are accessible to all who are yearning for change in their lives, in his brand-new book, Conscious Manifestation, with the subtext ‘Master your life and your business from the inside out – A manual for insight, inspiration, and creating  a life of infinite possibility’.

Never has the time been more perfect for a book that guides readers towards manifesting their dreams, desires, visions, and goals. As we emerge from the most difficult year in living history and navigate new year’s resolutions and moving forward into 2021 with positivity and intent, Conscious Manifestation is a tool to heal broken spirits, and to invite abundance. It’s a book for people who are on the quest for significance and accomplishment… and a bit of magic.

In conversation with Jonti Mayer, he shares enlightening insights about his personal journey and the substance of the book.

Tell us a bit about your journey. What brought you to the point of writing this book?

“I have always loved the wisdom of manifestation and transformation. I have loved it since I was a child. I was forever fascinated by the mysteries of life, and by the Masters and Wizards who were able to work magic and manifestation. This love of mine eventually took me to Jerusalem where I was privileged to study with some of the world’s most powerful Kabbalists.

My life has had its fair share of twists and turns, and for the last 20 years, after having left Jerusalem, I have been a personal coach to business leaders around the world. My 10 years in Jerusalem at the feet of many Masters allowed me to learn powerful manifestation wisdom, and my journey as an executive coach enabled me to apply this wisdom to the real world of business, leadership and life.”

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of taking an idea or desire from the mental or ethereal realm and converting it into a physical, tangible result. As such, at some level, we’re all manifestors. Every human being is capable of taking a desire, want or need, and converting that impulse into a tangible reality.

The world is full of people who are manifesting, from the smallest to the biggest manifestation. The process is similar for all people and what I attempt to do in the book is map the process for accelerated and deliberate manifestation.

If you think about it, the simplest act of getting a cup of coffee will require manifestation – buy the coffee, get up off your chair, money, coffee beans, hot water, sugar, milk. There’s a process of manifestation you embrace from the moment you desire the coffee to the experience.

Sometimes there’s action, request, and exchange of value – from the desire to drinking the coffee. That process can be deconstructed and if that cup of coffee is in your immediate grasp you won’t give it any thought. Then it’s in your bandwidth of manifestation in which getting what you want or materialising your desires is easy. Others can be completely out of our bandwidth of manifestation, but might be in someone else’s bandwidth of manifestation.

For example, Bill Gates bought himself a hydrogen-powered super yacht. That process of waking up and wanting and getting a yacht is similar to me wanting a cup of coffee. It’s a similar process from start to finish, but my bandwidth is lower than Bill’s. In the book, I present some of the critical components that must be present for a desire to become a result.

Conscious manifestation is taking this process from desire to result and instead of manifesting what we don’t want through unconscious manifestation, we consciously use the power of desire, decision, sustained deliberate action, knowing that we’re all gifted with this ability to manifest, because we are created in the image of God the creator.

What have you personally manifested?

I have manifested a business, and for the most part, I consider myself somebody who gets what I want. There are areas in my life I’m extremely satisfied with, but like all of us, my life is not perfect.

Please share an example of the power of conscious manifestation.

I have assisted many people to achieve their goals and dreams in their personal and business life. An example in the book discusses a group of people who came to me when their business was on the brink of disaster. As a result of committing to a manifestation, we succeeded in not only turning the business around, but also assisted them to sign a million-dollar deal.

Through conscious manifestation I have taken another business from a R200m per year to R1.2bn per year business. Some aspects of manifestation journey are practical, while others are more esoteric.

What holds people back the most?

A number of things – fear, laziness, ignorance, lack of ambition and commitment, lack of coaching and guidance. So many people get in their own way, and don’t know how to get out of their own way. People are unable to free themselves from their own jail and lift themselves up by their own shoelaces.

What makes this book and its techniques, exercises and wisdom unique?

This book takes the readers on a journey to dig really deep into who they are and what they really want. Some of this is based on an ancient metaphysical system of manifestation that I learnt when I was in Jerusalem. Even though it is not a linear journey, the sequence that I offer the reader help a person go on the manifestation journey. There are at times, some very practical elements to the manifestation journey and at other times there some very abstract elements.

The book combines abstract, such as the second practice of activating desire – what is required for a person to activate the force of desire in their world (this could be quite esoteric for some people) and yet there are some examples of doing some very practical things in the world in order to make happen what you want to happen. For example writing down what you actually want.

I also touch on leadership, business, financial aspects, collaborative aspects – there’s something for everyone – an entrepreneur, a leader, and individuals who want more happiness, better relationships and more money. People can use my book to completely reinvent themselves – they can address doing and being. The book is built on a premise that you get who you are, not only what you want. Sometimes people need to shift their way of being in alignment with their desired outcome.

We’ve heard about The Secret and the laws of attraction, and you’ve alluded to something that was missing. Can you give us a little glimmer of what it might be?

As a business coach I don’t subscribe to the fact that you can just think yourself rich or thin, or happy. I don’t believe that the inner world alone will enable people to get what they want. You need to have structures in the physical world, and in my opinion what was missing was the phenomenon of context.

All manifestation happens in a context and if you don’t have the appropriate context you won’t get it, no matter how much you visualise and envision or chant. It’s not going to happen.

Do you need to be able to meditate to manifest your deepest desires?

There is a part of the book that discusses meditation because it allows you to get in touch with who you are and what you want. It’s not a prerequisite for manifestation, but it’s a practice that I believe enhances the manifestation process.

What is the most important message readers will take away from the book?

If you know what you want and you’re sure that you want it, you can have it, if you work the process.

Who is this book aimed at?

It’s aimed at conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals who want more than the superficial rhetoric on manifestation, who are on a quest for personal and professional development, and who are looking for personal enhancement.

More about the book
Ten lessons Conscious Manifestation will teach you:

  1. How to activate your desire – the critical ingredient in manifestation
  2. The secret power of context and why most manifestation work fails
  3. What was missing from the book, The Secret
  4. Why intention is not enough
  5. The incredible force of commitment
  6. The extraordinary power of collaboration
  7. The formula for financial success
  8. The power of your being and how to access it
  9. The secret of celebration
  10. The power of keeping your word and why it’s important in the manifestation process

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