You could have all the money in the world,

You could be popular,

But without having fulfilled your inner most desires,


Being successful isn’t merely about a huge bank balance or acquiring other material things,

It’s also about self-actualisation…reaching and achieving those dreams, results or desires.

If you’re unable to realise those desires which are close to your heart,

There will be a feeling of emptiness,

Regardless of how many worldly treasures you accumulate.

You will wake up feeling unfulfilled,

For your heart yearns something that seems far from reach,

Possibly because your definition of success is somewhat amiss.

You then lose that zest for life because you find that you’re merely alive and not “living”.

Ask yourself what success looks like to you and then reach for it and you will achieve it,

If you want it enough, it will be yours.

But you’ve first got to define what success to you looks like.

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