I want to talk about something or rather someone that is close to my heart and my home…yes, my domestic helper, Melody. I think Melody and many other domestic helpers are sometimes taken for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I don’t appreciate Melody and all that she does, but perhaps I do take her for granted at times. Let me elaborate further and share with you more details about Domestic Cover by Simply…

Last month Melody was away for two weeks due to an unexpected illness in her family. Due to the nature of the circumstances, we fully supported her decision to go back home and spend time with her sick mum. The obvious implication of this meant that we were left to do the housework (which I hate) ourselves.  During her absence, which seemed to last forever, did I truly come to understand the importance of her role in our household and our lives, beyond the daily chores.

Domestic Cover by Simply - PeanutGallery247I started to contemplate the implications of not having Melody around, and that itself is very scary. She commutes daily to work and back via public transport, and which probably has inherent risks associated with it. There are of course a lot of other contributing factors as well.

When we recently found out that the area that she lives in didn’t have electricity for a considerable period of time, we invited her to sleep over until the problem was resolved. Our electricity went off for a few minutes last week and I wondered how we were going to make it through the night when it was freezing cold, so we were not happy with the thought of Melody not having electricity in this cold weather.

Melody is more than just a domestic worker to us. My child loves her. Although she is not a nanny, there are times when we need to leave Kayden at home alone with her and we know that we can trust her to ensure he is taken care of, responsibly and with love. She is trustworthy, and she has earned that trust.

All these things make me even more grateful to have someone like Melody around, and who is truly considered a part of our family. This remarkable woman plays such an important role in our lives, and I am blessed to have her around.

It brought me to the realisation that Melody also has a family to take care of and who depend on her. What would happen to them if anything had to happen to Melody? As a token of appreciation and to communicate her value to us, we have decided to get Domestic Cover for Melody.  Through some research, I found there were many companies that offered funeral cover.  The one that stood out for me was the Domestic Cover for helpers, via Simply Financial Services, Simply, which offers more than just a funeral cover.

Here’s why Domestic Cover by Simply appealed to me:

  • It is aimed specifically at employers of domestic employees – so this means that there is less risk of the premiums not being paid, taking the stress off the domestic helpers. If Melody ever decided to move on, she will have the option of taking over the policy payments herself, on the same terms, or she can arrange for her new employer to take over the policy.
  • It comprises life, disability and funeral cover
  • It is affordable, easy to understand and easily accessible.
  • It’s also completely flexible, with the customer able to customise the bundle to suit their needs and budget

The policies are underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, a subsidiary within the Old Mutual group – so customers can be safe in the knowledge that valid claims will be honoured.

More about Domestic Cover by Simply

Just to give you an indication, a 30-year-old woman earning R4 500 a month gets R100 000 life cover, R150 000 disability cover and R15 000 family funeral cover (which covers the insured person, the spouse and up to five children) for R92 per month.  Using technology and an innovative operating model, Simply products are able to deliver exceptional value.

FYI – as an alternative Simply also offers a Family Cover product with similar benefits and costs, but where instead the employee takes out the cover and is responsible for paying the premium themselves

Signing up is simple. I tested the process myself.  The entire online process takes less than ten minutes and requires the individual to fill in some personal details and answer three health-related questions.  Should they qualify, the cover is immediate.

If you have a helper that you value who has been working for you for the past year or for decades, this is a “little” way that you can do something for them that will mean so much to them and their family, without creating any strain on your budget.

We never know what we have until we lose it and if there are simple things that we can do to show our helpers in this instance, how much we value them, we should consider doing so.


In the spirit of celebrating and appreciating our domestic helpers, I have partnered with Simply, to give one lucky reader the chance to win a shopping voucher to the value of R500, to treat their helpers.

All you have to do is:

  1. Name one other product that Simply offers (Simply visit the SIMPLY website for the answer)
  2. Let me know in the comments below, why you feel that your domestic helper deserves this voucher to be spoilt with and
  3. Share this post on social media (links below) and don’t forget to let me know in the comments on which social media platform you have shared it to

Hashtags: #Simply #PeanutGallery247

(The voucher of R500 will be issued of the preferred store of the domestic helper of the competition winner)

T’s and C’s

  • This competition is open to South African residents only
  • This prize is not exchangeable nor transferable for cash
  • Competition ends at midnight on 07th August 2018
  • All 3 steps above must be completed to qualify for an entry

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17 Replies to “Domestic Cover by Simply: Win”

  1. Simply is Domestic cover which has 3 options available. Our helper magareth deserve to win this awesome prize bcs she is very dedicated to what she does. She makes my house feel like home and she treat my kids very well #Simply #PeanutGallery24
    Shared it on facebook

  2. Simply has. 3 different options of domestic cover.
    My domestic is my sanity saver and also my sister from another mother. She has been with me for 12 years and we have helped each other through difficult times. Her daughter (which I have known since 5) is matric this year. She needs to be a princess at her farewell. E had to pay the ticket of R600 for her daughter to go. And still has to make her a princess. I would love it to be her fairy godmother, but was also retrenched Oct last year and battling to find employment. Simply would make a beautifull young girl’s dream come true.
    (And making her mom proud❤)

  3. My Domestic Gladys works for me and someone else , she was in a taxi accident and cant walk properly yet works these two jobs to support her daughter in varsity and her son in school …. she is also a single mom as her hubby passed away .

  4. I occasionally have domestic workers. I am thankful that we have the option of employing a domestic worker. It is in our interest to see that they are well cared of. They are irreplaceable in certain situations in life.
    Thanks for the great article Nicole.

  5. #Simply #PeanutGallery247

    Simply also have a Family Cover.

    My domestic helper will so much appreciate this voucher as she have to send money home for her Mom and her kids every month , and also travels home every second month to go and see her kids. That’s so much expenses, she would be so grateful to receive a shopping voucher as every little helps.

    Shared on Facebook.

  6. Simply is Domestic cover which has 3 options to choose from. Melissa is my helper/ domestic/ nanny , she takes care of my kids and home while I am at work. She treats my kids like her own. She has only been with us for 9 months but has grown in to our home and hearts. she recently found out she is expecting Baby no 2 and is a bit stressed with the situation, this would be an awesome gift to spoil her self and relax, and show her how appreciation for her.

  7. Buenos Dias!
    I love the message & motivation behind this post. Yes! truly, you really notice how much you need you domestic when they are unexpectedly away as with yesterday when ours had to take care of her daughter therefore didn’t come to work especially after the weekend where all the cleaning had piled up. I appreciate her most because she honestly makes my life easier & takes away the little tasks that help me get through my day more efficiently. She helped me so much when i spring cleaned my room out but she’s also firm in what she thinks I should do & what she should do, which i respect. After years of domestic after domestic, each with their own disappointments it’s great to have one that’s dependable & able to withstand my mothers chaotic cleaning list lol. Her name is Angelina. I call her Angie. We often banter with the little zulu that I know. Thank you so much for the information in this post. We really considering adding this cover on for Angie as a bonus to her salary at the announcement of her salary increase as well. We’ll print it out & have her look over it.
    I think she could really use this voucher in terms of her kids & uplifting their lives for the month. She also went over & above to help with the launch of my mom’s new accounting firm launch so I feel that she deserves to be spoilt with your help ofcourse 😉 She also looks after my kitten while Im away at work. the product we LOVE from Simply is the Domestic Cover, it is the BEST offer they have.

    I Shared this to as many places as I could think of:
    #Simply #PeanutGallery247
    ~ i just hope this isn’t one of those “random name picker” giveaways & are based on the merits of effort into appreciation of this post & its content with genuine sharing it forward.
    I am enthusiastically competitive when it comes to this post, because I rarely make time to Enter anything & it means alot to me.

    Vaya con Dios Nicola

  8. Domestic Cover with a choice of three options to choose from.
    Will love to win for Miriam a widowed mom of four school going children . She will certainly be grateful for this voucher. She is with me for the past 6 years and is always polite, pleasant and hard-working. I told her about this giveaway and she got so happy and said thanks and God bless.

  9. One of the products available from Simply is Domestic cover which has 3 options available. My daughter’s nanny is a single mom and sole bread winner of 2 girls. She treats my daughter as her own and would do anything for her. She has been with us for almost 4 years and I would be lost without her.

    1. I love domestics who adore kids & aren’t abrasive with them. I’m glad she’s been with you for so long, here’s to many more awesome years ahead

  10. #Simply #PeanutGallery247 Simply Cover have Family Cove as well shared on twitter. I have never seen my domestic worker as i start work at 6 in the morning and get home at 6. Thuli is only working for us for three days a month as that is the only luxury that i can afford. I wish i could have her every week as she is the greatest domestic you can ask for. I know nothing about Thuli but she knows everything about me as she know my home better than i do. When i walk into my home i feel so relieved as the house feel so clean and fresh that i don’t know how to show my appreciation. She is there every week that when she is suppose to be her. Would be so awesome to win this for her.

    1. thuli sounds amazing! I wish you could keep her own full time as well! hopefully that will happen soon. who knows, maybe i can help? I would try in anyway that i can. message me on facebook if you can & we can take it from there.

  11. #Simply #PeanutGallery247 shared on twitter. I have never seen my domestic worker as i start work at 6 in the morning and get home at 6. Thuli is only working for us for three days a month as that is the only luxury that i can afford. I wish i could have her every week as she is the greatest domestic you can ask for. I know nothing about Thuli but she knows everything about me as she know my home better than i do. When i walk into my home i feel so relieved as the house feel so clean and fresh that i don’t know how to show my appreciation. She is there every week that when she is suppose to be her. Would be so awesome to win this for her.

  12. Our domestic worker Thula only work three days a month at our home. I have never seen her as i start working at 6 in the morning and get home at 6 in the evening. Every time i walk into the house when Thula was there i sigh a sight of relieve. I absolutely adore her. She have been working for me for five months. I wish i had more money to be able to afford her but i don’t. She deserve it as she makes my life so much easier and there is no way how i could i repay her for the great work she does. I know nothing about Thuli, except that she is great in her work and she is proud of what she does. Would be amazing if i could win this prize for her.

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