“I wanted to talk to you for one last time,
But you were gone.
I wanted to say sorry,
But I never got the chance.
When you were here,
I didn’t understand you.
Now that you’re gone,
I feel your pain.…”

Why do we take people for granted? Do we know that we’re going to wake up the next morning and still have that special someone in our lives? We assume that our father knows we love him, because that is what we as children are supposed to feel, right? We believe that because we’re in a relationship and we’re spending time with a person, that that person should know we love them, right?

Wrong, we all need words of affirmation. We all need to be reminded that we’re special. We all have the desire to be loved but we should also give love. We should take the time to be grateful to the special people in our lives.

When was the last time you came home and thanked your partner for making you lunch or for the special dinner? If you can remember doing this recently, then well done. If you can’t, it’s not too late to start now. We all need a pat on the back. Being recognized for our efforts, is the inspiration that will be the driving force to repeat positive behavior.

Think about how you feel at work, when being recognised and praised for your efforts. You feel that sense of appreciation; you are driven and want to do more. Similarly, in our personal lives, we should not take anyone for granted, we should thank those who do special things for us.

When was the last time you thanked your sibling, parent or friend for a simple gesture they had done for you, which made your life easier? When was the last time you did something for them, to make their lives easier?

Don’t feel guilty if you have not, use this as a reminder to make that special someone know that they are special.

Here are some ideas that may help;
• Make someone a beverage which they like, which you normally would not make for them
• Make dinner for someone or thank someone for the dinner they made for you
• Plan a date night /game night/pyjama party/movie
• Make your own “Thank You” card, it’s much more personalized
• If someone is struggling with lots of bags/packets, assist them
• Simply hug someone and tell them thank you for something
• Send a thank you sms
• Buy a special gift or make one, it’s the thought that counts

Do something today, think about it and make it something meaningful, that you know the person will be touched by. It’s never too late, show love and appreciation whilst you have the chance, it may be your last.

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