Obsessed with social media,

The world sees what we had for dinner last night,

where we had dinner,

And even who we had dinner with.

As we share our thoughts on social media,

It’s easy to judge ones state of mind.

For some, social media is a nothing but a countenance but for others it’s their platform to showcase their lives.

For some it’s such an addiction that the moment isn’t “complete” if it isn’t shared on social media.

Why do we do it?

For the attention of course, in some way or the other.

Is it because something is missing in our lives?

Are we looking for acceptance of some sort?

Are we just so happy and we want the world to know?

Whatever happened to serenity in just being able to enjoy things by and with yourself?

A certain kind of solitude is sometimes good,

Where you can get lost in your own imagination,

In the privacy of your own thoughts.

Why is it so hard to sit yourself down,

Have a cup of coffee and not whip out your mobile device?

Why does it feel uncomfortable to not look at your mobile device?

Are you afraid of your own mind or where those thoughts may lead to?

Do you realize the effect that social media has on your wellbeing?

How do you feel when you read something on your news feed?

What kind of people do you follow?

Do their posts encourage or disappoint you?

Your life is largely influenced by the books your read,

the movies you watch,

the people you converse with and the social media you follow;

so choose selectively who feeds your mind.

Sometimes it’s nice to just be by your beautiful yourself,

Enjoy your own company…

Let your imagination run free and wild,

Cos it’s in the privacy of your own thoughts that you discover and unleash potential you never knew existed.

Don’t allow social media to distract you.

Escape from this pattern and allow yourself to be captivated by your own mind.

Engage your mind.

You’ll be amazed at what you may discover.

via Daily Prompt: Privacy

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