Our baby boy, Kayden, turns ONE today! (21st July 2017) Yay! What a remarkable journey it has been for us.  I therefore asked my husband if he would do a Guest Post and he willingly shared the following; Equal Parenting – A Daddy’s Perspective.

A lot can be said about being a dad…….especially for a first time dad. LIFE CHANGES…..and as cliché as that sounds, it is the single most important aspect of fatherhood.

Equal Parenting 3- PeanutGallery247.jpgPrior to the birth of a child, we do not fully comprehend the true scope of the changes that are required. We may think we are prepared for what lies ahead, and as much as there may be some truth to that…..you are NEVER really prepared! Reality only dawns on you after the birth of a child….when you frantically scramble to keep up with the demands of being a dad, and only then do you actually realise how little you know and how unprepared you actually are!

Parenting advice from others only goes so far in preparing you. The only real advice you should take note of, is the fact the birth of your child is when your life comes full circle and that is the day when you truly become a man.

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Watching Kayden’s growth and development during the last 12 months has been an absolutely incredible journey. I have tried to be there to hold and comfort him when he cried, to feed him when he was hungry, to make him sleep when he was tired, to change him when he needed to be changed, to scold him when he was being naughty….and to scold other people when they were being naughty around him (yes, that is daddy’s responsibility too). This epitomizes what I believe it truly means to be a dad…….To be an integral part of your child’s growth and development!

I have shared equal responsibility in all aspects with mummy…..and I would not have it any other way. Why should she have all the fun? I have done my utmost to be a part of every aspect of his life……not because I feel like it’s my duty, but because I truly want to experience everything there is to being a dad.

I am indeed fortunate in that in 12 months, I can literally count the number of sleepless nights on one hand! That does not mean that it has not been challenging……yes, there has been a fair share of challenges, especially during the first month or so. As a first time daddy, mistakes were made and lessons were learnt. But I have not looked back ever since! I do honestly believe that I have done everything I could and to the best of my ability. And one day I would want Kayden to follow my example, in the way I live my life and not necessarily in the advice I give him.

It seems as if the first 12 months have flashed by, but fortunately I have made it my goal to spend as much time with Kayden as I possibly could. We have had so many wonderful experiences and made so many lasting memories. I often find myself just staring at him, while he is asleep or busy playing, and it amazes me every time that I had a part in creating something so precious. Whether it be him wrapping his little fingers around yours, holding out his hands to come to you, falling asleep in your arms, making little moans when he sleeps, giving you the slightest hint of a smile or even a burst of laughter……….every moment should be cherished to the fullest.

And yes, every child is indeed perfect in the eyes of their parents. And it should not be any other way! Every time I look back on our experiences during the last 12 months, my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies. There is absolutely no substitute for the joy and happiness that a child brings, and that makes the experience truly priceless.

My only “regret” is that my father never got to see Kayden…..but knowing him, I know he would proud of his grandson! All I can hope to achieve is to pass on to Kayden the values and lessons taught to me by my father. And that is probably the most important thing I can ever hope to teach him.

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So, when my husband sent this post to me early this morning, I was in tears. Tears of joy of course. Watching how much he loves our son and knowing that he is not just a believer of equal parenting, but actively does so, makes me love him even more.

Thank you to my dearest husband for writing this post, I could not ever ask for a better husband nor dad to our child, you are the best and we both know and feel that, always!

I guess this means I should probably write a post soon, from a Mummy’s perspective. Would you like that?

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14 Replies to “Equal Parenting – A Daddy’s Perspective”

  1. Fatherhood is amazing. Parenting should be equal. That’s my thoughts. There are so many useful but funny things the dad can do with his kids. Washing the car, repairing something at home, reading bed time stories and playing table games…

  2. Wow what beautiful words. A GOOD INSPIRATION FOR NEW DADS. All the best for the future with Kayden

  3. Well , what can I say after reading “A Daddy’s Perspective”? It moved me – the love of a dedicated father. Kayden you are blessed with a loving dad. And a loving mum too. Happy Birthday dear Kayden❤️.

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