Over the past few months, the Fidget Spinner has become an incredible craze. If you have children or are surrounded by any, you would have already noticed this and probably tried them out yourself.

Why is the Fidget Spinner so addictive?

It is aimed at minimising distractions, in an attempt to build more engagement and attentiveness, especially to children who may have cognitive impairments or who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Use of a fidget spinner therefore acts as a stimulating aid – which is required for them to be more attentive.

Some people doodle and when they do, they are more focused. Similarly, with a fidget spinner, if you are a very fidgety person, focusing your fingers on the fidget spinner, may just allow your mind to be more engaged.

It’s fun- it’s colourful – there’s a variety of designs to choose from.

It’s a great social accessory

Children like to be involved. With the fidget spinner, they are physically “playing” with a toy, not a mobile phone or some other electronic device. Not that I have any issues with that – but too much of something can also become a problem. In this generation, where technology rules, the craze of the fidget spinner has positively influenced social engagement.

People are different – so like with everything else in life, fidget spinners should be used in moderation.


If you are not already part of this craze and would like to be…if you live in Johannesburg, in or around the South or have access to the South, then contact Pam on 0829283235, should you wish to get yourself or your child a Fidget Spinner or 2…or 3.

Fidget Spinner Type A – R35     


Fidget Spinner Type B – R40 (Available in different colours)


Spinner Type C – R70 (Available in different colours) 


Spinner Type D – R100 (Available in different colours)

Would you like to win a fidget spinner or 2? One lucky reader, who comments below, stands the chance to win Fidget Spinners of your choice to the value of R250.

T’s and C’s:

  • Winner must be able to collect the prize from the Midrand area
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • The prize may not be exchanged for cash
  • The prize is not transferable
  • Closing date for all entries: 30 June 2017
  • Winner will be announced on this blog post on 01 July 2017, which may be shared on other social media platforms

Please do comment below and tell us why you would like to win…Good luck!


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3 Replies to “The Fidget Spinner Craze”

  1. I have not bought these yet for my kids but heard a lot of positive reviews. I will try it out soon 👍🏼

    Check out fidget cubes as well… a friend of mine who has severe depression says her doctor recommended she gets one to keep her hands busy when anxiety creeps in.

  2. I would like to win because I suffer from anxiety and I have heard that fidget spinners help in social situations, to calm panic attacks and aid with anxiety. they are definitely something I would like to give a chance to help me and my anxiety.

  3. We are fidget spinner crazy. My son and i compete against each other to see whose spinner is the fastest and whose spins the longest. We have such fun. Its also a great bonding tool. We can sit for hours just playing. #fidgetspinnerfundi

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