Even with Valentine’s Day having passed us by, in this post, I write about a rather sensitive matter as it can be such a turn off, to the extent that relationships never begin because of it and some end because of it. What am I referring to? Yep, oral hygiene. The lack of fresh breath affects more people than you realise…

Nope, it’s not just about relationships – having good oral care applies to anyone and everyone.  As I write this post, a vivid memory of someone with a serious case of halitosis has just crossed my mind.

I recall the times that I had to Coach this person in the work environment – each time I had to do this, I cringed. I didn’t know how to handle it at the time, I felt embarrassed to say anything but I was selfish and more concerned with how I had to deal with it…how not to be irritated and how to try to tolerate it. The truth is, that was extremely difficult. It affected my work because I purposefully would avoid this person because of the bad breath.

I am usually not a person to be afraid of confrontation in such situations, I’m probably the one amongst a crowd who is most likely to make you aware if something is wrong – I feel I am helping you, opposed to you being embarrassed in front of others. However, ini that particular instance, I just could not find the courage within myself to approach this person.

Sadly, not everyone is aware of their bad breath. Some people have a chronic situation and others when they are sick or eat a specific food type. Whatever the reason, it isn’t a nice thing. I don’t think anybody wakes up feeling like they love their morning breath either.

With that being said, bad breath and overall oral hygiene is so important. Not just because of other people noticing or because you’re  feeling uncomfortable but also for health reasons of course.

Below are some of the other ways bad breath and poor oral hygiene may affect you and/or those around you:

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In a relationship, bad breath can make a person lose confidence.  He or she will become so conscience of their bad breath, that it may lead to them feeling embarrassed and insecure. The partner in turn could also be less attracted to the partner with bad breath.


If you’re not in a relationship already and perhaps in the dating stage, you may not even make it to first kiss if you get a whiff of bad breath from the other person. Regardless of how beautiful you may think the other person is, the bad breath acts like a stop sign. Trust me, I went through this in the dating phase of my life.

For those of you who are already in a relationship or are married, you’ll know that kissing contributes to intimacy a lot. However, bad breath can make that intimacy slowly but surely disappear because the other person may not be willing to accept or handle the odour. Not having fresh breath is a huge turn off.


If your partner has bad breath, you will soon, if you haven’t already, skip the foreplay and kissing plays a huge role in foreplay. Therefore, lovemaking will not seem as passionate without the kissing.  Because some couples may not be at ease to discuss this, they will rather avoid the kissing. This will have a serious effect on the couple’s sex life and relationship/marriage.

To save yourself and others from the embarrassment and discomfort of bad breath, improving your daily routine can act as a starting point to improving your oral hygiene – very often, the gum is the culprit. Don’t Compromise your oral hygiene.

In case you didn’t already know, it’s National Fresh Breath Month this February. In creating more awareness of this, Sunstar GUM sent me a #FreshBreathKit to review and a hamper to Giveaway to one lucky reader.

At first, I thought to myself, do I really want to be reviewing toothpaste? Sounded a bit meh…but because I love trying new things, I decided that I will and I am so glad that I did!

In all honesty, I didn’t even know that there was a specific “tongue” brush until I received my Sunstar Gum #FreshBreathKit.

So here’s my thoughts on the Sunstar Gum range:

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If I saw this product during my grocery shopping, I most likely would have not purchased it, because I usually stick to the brands I know. Usually…not always.

My first impression when I received the press drop, was positive – there was admirable passion and care in the way that it was wrapped, so that was already a win for me. But it isn’t about the packaging right…

Well, the toothbrush has a smaller head that the toothbrushes I usually use. At first it felt different. I was still trying to decide if I liked the head so small or not and I probably do, because I am still using the brush – for some reason, it feels more effective and I’m no dental expert to understand why – all I can say is that I enjoy brushing my teeth more these days.  I also like that it comes with a cover so you can be assured that your brush is protected, if it falls on the floor mistakenly.

Fresh Breath February - Confidence, Kissing & Sex - PeanutGallery

Using a tongue brush somehow makes your entire routine so much more effective. I find that it gets easier coverage, opposed to your toothbrush – where you could miss some spots.  Not sure why I didn’t discover a tongue brush sooner but I am glad that I did now.

I love the texture of the Mouth rinse. It’s not extremely strong like some that I’ve used in the past, it is gentle yet effective. You CAN feel that you have fresh breath.

My sentiments about the toothpaste are the same as that of the Mouth Wash above.


One lucky reader stands the chance to win a Sunstar Gum #FreshBreathKit Hamper valued at just over R600!

This is what the Sunstar Gum #FreshBreathKit Hamper Consists of: (RSP’s included)

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  • Sunstar GUM Tongue Cleaner (recommended retail price R56) – effectively helps remove plaque and food debris from the surface of the tongue. The two sides provide a dual action – bristles to gently brush and a serrated edge to wipe the surface clean.
  • Sunstar GUM Technique+ toothbrush (R62) – designed to provide advanced cleaning, even below the gumline. The non-slip quad grips are positioned so that the bristles are effortlessly placed at the 45 degree angle recommended for optimal below-the-gumline cleaning. The Dome Trim® bristles are clinically proven to clean below the gumline reducing plaque, gingival inflammation and bleeding. The extended SuperTip eliminates plaque from hard to reach places.
  • GUM Original White toothpaste (R57) -helps remove stains and prevent their reappearance without damaging enamel. It contains fluoride to reinforce tooth enamel, as well as vitamins for healthier gums. It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas.
  • GUM Original White floss (R56) – made with micronized silica to help remove stains between teeth and provides effective interdental plaque control.
  • GUM Original White mouth rinse (R92) – alcohol-free Sunstar GUM Original White Rinse contains StainClear to help remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. Made with a patented combination of fluoride, Isomalt and vitamins, Original White Rinse delivers advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth, helping prevent further staining while strengthening gums and teeth.

To stand a chance to win, all you have to do, is share with me in the comments below what you enjoyed most in this post and feel free to add any additional thoughts/information.

T’s and C’s

South African residents only

Competition ends at midnight 3rd March 2018

Prize is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash

Links/URLs for more information:


Ivohealth: www.ivohealth.co.za

Facebook: @ivohealth

Twitter: @ivohealthsa

Dental Wellness Trust: www.DentalWellnessTrust.org

Facebook: @dentalwellness.trust

Twitter: @DentalWellTrust

Instagram: @dentalwellnesstrust

Get a Fresh Breath Fix and support the Dental Wellness Trust this February
When you sign up for Ivohealth’s newsletter this February they’ll donate a Sunstar GUM toothbrush to the Dental Wellness Trust’s oral health education programme in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
To donate a brush simply sign up on www.ivohealth.co.za/contact-us before 28 February. Terms and conditions apply.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. As always, my views and opinions are my own.
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15 Replies to “Fresh Breath February – Confidence. Kissing. Sex (Giveaway & Review)”

  1. Thanks to all who participated. The winner has been announced on my Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/peanutgallery247)

  2. Very informative post, didn’t think that bad breath could affect your confidence.
    Amazing blog.

  3. I’ve never tried a tongue cleaner but I’m pretty good when it comes to having fresh breath. I always have gum with me and I *have* to brush and floss every morning and night

  4. Interesting article especially the tongue cleaner. Till now, I used a toothbrush and an anti-bacterial mouthwash to clean my mouth as well as my tongue. It worked very well. I guess the tongue cleaner is more suitable due to its size. I will get one to experience the difference. Thank you for the information.

  5. Wow 2hat an insightful post. I was never aware that kissing is related to bad breath.. hahahah thanks God ibfound a man whondoesnt drink or smoke and Who is equally thorough about oral hygiene as i am. I am so pedantic about oral health to the extent that even that I keep a bottle of mouthwash in my desk at work.. I won’t talk to anyone in the morning until I wash my mother alone get intimate with my husband.. it’s just me lol….wonderful article with lots to learn… I’ve been going through yr blog and the articles are well written and captivating right till the end … good work and keep it up

  6. Very informative. I especially like the tongue cleaner which I’ve been using myself for the past few months, it really is a winner.

  7. Thank you for an interesting article I enjoyed reading it especially about how bad breath can effect kissing be it in a relationship or in a marriage, its something we never truly conscious of but it effects ones intimacy , oral hygiene plays such a significant role and reading this article is a eye opener. I am most certainly going to be more aware of my breath in future and I am going back to the dating scene soon. Been single for a while now.
    Once again love your blog love your posts and what I admire is your articles are so awesome and a absolute pleasure to read.

    1. Hi Anusha, thanks for your insightful feedback. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my blog. I wish you all the best going back into the dating scene 😊

  8. I loved this post, because i can relate to it in so many ways! I have had my fair share of situations similar to yours and its just so hard to tell someone without offending them.. i am however very strict wit my hygiene and this would be the best prize ever as i recently ran out of floss, plus who ever says no to some new products 🙂 so excited for this!! Holding thumbs xx

    1. Glad you’re excited and relate to this post. Welcome to my blog btw and I hope you’ll visit again 🙂 I appreciate your feedback…good luck 🍀

  9. It’s an amazing article been there and really uplifted me, I an definitely liking the tongue brush your article was really great and the original white toothpaste for stains.
    #peanutgallery24/7 #FreshBreathKit

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