When you have domestic help at home, you don’t always realise the steps required to ensure the trash is taken care of. Nobody wants to have a smelly bin inside the house or even in the yard. But at the same time, not all hands are going up to remove the trash, is it? Whose responsibility is it now, to take out the trash? Especially when most of your domestic help is not available during the lockdown – who oh who will it be that gets to take the trash out?

The dreaded bin is a contentious issue in most homes – who takes out the trash? Who cleans the bin after taking out the trash?

Whilst taking out the trash and cleaning the bin may not be a sought after household chore, it is something that has to be done – unless of course you prefer to share your home with flies and worms and an unbearable odour – nope, I didn’t think so.

I’ve been so annoyed with the last few bin bags I bought. I couldn’t easily distinguish the opening – spending a few minutes trying to open a bin bag ain’t fun, well not to me anyway! To add to that, when removing the bag from the bin, it tore – spilling rubbish on the floor, creating more work and frustration.

Well, if this responsibility is yours at home, here’s why GLAD ForceFlex Bags are going to be your new best friend:
They stretch! – say goodbye to spills in your bin
No more double bagging (to avoid those nasty spills)
Drawstrings for easy handling
The GLAD ForceFlex range is available in a variety of sizes

GLAD has revolutionised garbage bags with their ForceFlex™ Stretchable Strength® range.  The unique diamond-like material stretches around objects and awkward edges, which prevents rips and tears. The material is made from “smarter”, not thicker plastic.

Trash Can Cleaning in 5 Simple Steps
Cleaning the bin isn’t actually a difficult chore. Just follow these five simple steps and your trash can will be spotless — and odourless — in no time.

Step 1: Empty the Trash Can
Put on rubber gloves and empty the bin.

Step 2: Rinse it Out
Rinse with water (if you have outdoor space, the easiest way is using a garden hose) Just make sure there are no water restrictions – use responsibly.

Step 3: Spray and Deodorise
Use a disinfectant spray or all-purpose cleaner and spray the inside and outside of the bin. Take about half a cup of baking soda and sprinkle it inside to deodorise it. Leave for 5–10 minutes.

Step 4: Give it a Scrub
Give it a really good scrub – inside, outside and the lid.

Step 5: Rinse and Dry
Once scrubbed to your satisfaction, rinse it again thoroughly — and then let it dry or dry it off. Make sure it is completely dry before putting in a GLAD ForceFlex Bag, so no mould-causing moisture gets trapped inside. 

Now you can confidently fill your rubbish bin to the brim, because GLAD ForceFlex is TEAR RESISTANT. So fill ’em, stretch ’em and stuff ’em with just about anything and everything!

Perfect for all seasons and reasons. Only GLAD has the Stretchable Strength of ForceFlex. For the protection you need to get things done, get GLAD.


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