We had the pleasure of visiting GOG Kids Harties on the official opening day.  If you enjoy taking a leisurely drive to Hartbeespoort and you have kids, do make a point of spending the day at GOG Kids, which in my opinion is great family fun, more suited for the younger kids, whilst parents and older kids can relax in a safe surrounding.

I liked the fact that it was not huge – it was more of an intimate feel and this is great if you don’t enjoy crowds and want to really experience and enjoy the facilities.

The childminders were fantastic, they don’t just keep an eye on your children, but actually play and interact with them, to the extent of going into the pools with them and ensuring their safety.

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  • Exclusive and secure in the heart of Chameleon Village
  • Dedicated party venues for kids and adults alike
  • Spray Pad, Pools, Beach Playground and more

GOG KIDS Harties is the newest lifestyle and family adventure destination in the heart of Hartbeespoort, located right inside the Chameleon Village precinct. Officially opened 8 December 2018, the venue is a vision to give families a new place to frequent for thrilling kids’ entertainment and a relaxing environment for parents alike.

It is a vision brought to reality by CEO of GOG, Tim Hogins who saw the need for a family venue in the area and approached Chameleon Village with a plan. “GOG is about creating lifestyle experiences where people can make great memories and as our slogan says, have the best time of their life.”

What was once an area full of small retail outlets, GOG Kids has transformed the heart of Chameleon Village into a lush, vibrant, relaxing and peaceful destination for families. Hogins explains, “Parents are often looking for venues that give them peace of mind and loads of fun for the children, and GOG KIDS has been created to do just that.”

Here’s some footage from our visit to GOG Kids Harties:



For unforgettable childhood memories, GOG KIDS, Harties features 7 dedicated kids party venues, each with their own unique size and colour scheme. The park features 4 ‘neutral’ party venues, 2 traditionally boy-coloured venues and 2 traditionally-girl coloured party venues. Each venue comes with furniture, a GOG Kids host and the ability to book and pay for these venues online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks. Guests are able to bring in their own added décor, food and drinks etc.

GOG KIDS also features a dedicated venue for adult-celebrations where it is convenient to bring the children along. This venue comes furnished and opens onto a water fountain and grass area. Ideal for baby-showers or such celebrations, it is also available to book and pay for this venue online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks.


Perfect for the warm summer days, the park has a Spray Pad with no less than eight spray features and a safe, non-slip and porous rubber flooring. The Spray Pad lies adjacent to the pristine, 42 square-meter swimming pool. Customers are allowed to bring in towels and sun mats and change rooms are provided within the park.


Scattered around the park are three dedicated playgrounds with jungle gyms and beach sand for fun, active play. One of the playgrounds is built from safe and durable steel and features climbing apparatus, barrels, swings, slides, and other accessories. Another is built from wood and features slides, rope walls. Climbing apparatus, slides, obstacle runs and tyre ladders. These are both located on soft and lush grass. The Beach play area is a 132 square-meter area filled with fine beach sand. Here, children can play to their heart’s content. Inflatable balls, plastic toys and more are available at the retail store. Adjacent to the beach area is a dedicated treat outlet, that sells summer favourites such as Slush Puppies, Ice Creams and other confectionery.


Set in lush surrounds, GOG Kids is rich with gardens, fauna and water features – an experience of being in nature. Throughout the park are open grass areas perfect picnic spots for family relaxation. Visitors can bring in their own picnic baskets, blankets etc at no additional charge.


In 2019, GOG Kids will welcome in new retail and food outlets, namely Toyland, The Ice Cream Parlour, Sweet Factory and Waffle Place. Toyland will retail items for kids to use within the park as well as take-home gifts and accessories such as sunscreen, towels, beach toys to name a few. The Ice Cream Parlour and Sweet Factory will retail as their names suggest and The Waffle Place will serve delectable sweet and savoury waffles from within the park. GOG Kids will also add braai facilities as well as a kid-friendly bike track to its offering.

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Price:   R150 (Kids aged 4 – 18)

            R50 (Adults Over 18’s)

            FREE ENTRY (Children under 4)

All tickets and bookings can be made online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks as well as at the entrance gate.

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Disclaimer: This is a Press Release, a few minor changes and additions have been made

All images (except the GOG logo) and the video are my own, feel free to use with credit

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