In my previous post, I shared why I am grateful for my husband, if you missed it, check it out here.

Before I became a mother, I used to hear people say how wonderful motherhood is and that it will change you, it’s a feeling they could not really explain. I evidently find myself in a similar position now.

I can honestly tell you that I underestimated the feeling of love and joy that motherhood has instilled in me. When they tell you that the maternal instinct will kick in, it does. In some ways, it also doesn’t.

I’m grateful for the blessing of my son, even with challenges

How so? Well, now that he is a toddler, we seem to experience a challenge during feeding times. It’s such a mission to get him to eat. I’m a little less patient than my husband and mother-in-law. I can’t say I am proud of that!

Kayden somehow refusing to eat and throwing the food on the floor from his mouth or hands, makes me give up feeding him after a few minutes – I guess it’s because I know my husband and mother-in-law are there and will feed him. I know that if I was alone with him, I would try all the tricks in the book to ensure he eats.

I’m not a perfect mum and I’m okay with that…

Before I had a child, I used to look at children in restaurants that behaved in the manner which he does and I judged their parents. I now have “that” child.

Being a mother, I now understand those parents that I had judged. I also understand that I can’ t be angry at my child. This is part of his development, he is curious, he is playful, he is explorative. I let go of the idea I once had of wanting to be a “perfect” mum and I am absolutely okay with that. The areas I don’t excel in, my husband does, we have each other’s back and that’s what matters most.

Here I go talking about my husband again, if you haven’t read his post on “Equal Parenting” – please do, by clicking here.

Motherhood has made me more tolerant

Okay, so this post is about my son and why I am so grateful for him. Well, if you read between the lines above, he has made me more “down to earth”. Example, before he was born, I thought that we would have all his toys in his room, neatly packed. I have been known to have some OCD tendencies, so after Kayden came along…I may not like it, but I’ve learned to accept that it’s all about him and his toys can lie around and that’s okay.

The look on his face and that hearty smile I see when I reach home from work every day, is enough to make my heart melt. No matter what type of a day I had at work, seeing that precious smile and twinkle in his eyes, is therapeutic to me. Holding him in my arms is amazing, every single time.

Both my husband and myself are very grateful that we can say that Kayden hasn’t caused us many sleepless nights. I think there’s probably a few that we can count on one hand. I’ve heard some stories of infants being very problematic, thankfully we didn’t have to go through that.

A healthy state of mind for the wellbeing of your child

Having a child has created an added sense of responsibility. Everything you do, you do it with your child in mind. Every decision you must make, you think of your child and the effect on him. Motherhood has made me more cautious in that way but in another way, it’s also forced me to be happy and positive in situations, where in the past, I may not have been so easily; if I am not happy, I know it will not be good for my child and so it is always an unspoken goal, to have a healthy state of mind.


My son has inspired me to channel my creativeness via my blog

I also got back into blogging after my son was born. He was the inspiration for me to do so, he still is. I am loving my blogging journey and through it, I learn so much about parenting and all things child related, due to the networking that takes place with other mommy bloggers and/or the mommies I am connected with on social media.

Being a mother is not easy as I thought it would be, I am extremely grateful to have my husband and my mother-in-law to support me in my motherhood journey. That brings me to my next topic and post…stay tuned if you want to know why I am grateful for my mother-in-law.

For now, I’ll leave you with this message for our son…

Message to our Son - PeanutGallery247

If you’re a parent, I’d love to know what about your child/children makes you grateful to be a parent…so please do comment below.

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  1. A loving article. I am happy that we have Kayden in our family. He brings our family so much joy. He is our previous darling.

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