via Daily Prompt: Immerse

Why is death so difficult to deal with?
Why do we Immerse ourselves into such sorrow and grief that almost everything in our lives takes the back seat?

Losing someone dear is never nice nor easy.
If we lose ourselves after their loss, it will not bring them back, unfortunately so but that’s the reality.

I’m not saying you should not grieve, yes you may. Avoiding the grief is not recommended. It just delays the entire process. But give yourself a fair amount of time…this means setting some limits too. Everyone deals with loss differently and therefore has different coping mechanisms. Do what works best for you.

Life is far too short and unpredictable to spend it grieving.
Think about the person you lost, would they want you to grieve longer than you should?
Why not immerse yourself in happy memories of this person. Let that be your fuel for all the great things you are destined for.
Think of them and smile. It’s alright to miss them but not to the point that it breaks you down over and over again.

I do know this is easier said than done. The human mind is a powerful thing. If we immerse ourselves into a positive paradigm…the more focus and energy we invest on positive things, the more obsessed we become with these positive things, we will be stronger and we will achieve our most cherished desires.

Be positive, let the wonderful memories of your loved one motivate you. Prove to yourself that even though this person has passed on…they’re still a powerful inspiration by spirit to you and because of this, you will be your best.
Celebrate the lives they lived and the legacies they left behind. Think about the lessons you’ve learned from them. Think about how strong you became because of them. Think about the good times that created smiles. Let that be your drive. You can do this. Believe you can and you will.
After all, you’ve gotten this far and a while back, that itself may have seemed impossible.

Death is part of life. No matter how much we tell ourselves we are prepared for it, when the time comes, it’s never easy. Life must go on. The quicker you accept that your loved one is no more, the easier it will be to refocus on your life and goals.

I know how your heart must hurt, you get that bubble in your throat. You hear a song that brings back memories and it makes you cry. Each time you are exposed to a trigger, remind yourself of happy thoughts. Immerse yourself so deep into happy thoughts that you yourself start feeling it and believing in it.
It takes time, for some of us, more than others.
Live your life, be blessed to have had someone so dear in your life. Let that be your strength to carry you through.

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