First developed and created to prevent the growth of tumors in the prostate glands, breast tissue, and colon, GW-501516 Cardarine has become much more beneficial to users. Researchers have found that this SARM compound can help burn fat and cut muscles for a gorgeously toned body.

Over the past few years, there has been many debates on SARM products and whether they actually work. This is due to the fact that most of these products aren’t yet medically approved. SARMs like GW-501516 (popular name: Cardarine) are still being researched and tested.

It’s through these tests that researchers found the alternative benefits of the supplement. With the countless suppliers online and the many contradictory statements, it’s difficult to know whether it really does its job or not.

To get first-hand opinions, I’ve scoured the internet to look for the best reviews on Cardarine from people who actually use it. Read this review for a transparent look into the world of GW-501516.


First, it’s important to know exactly what Cardarine is. Many suppliers do advertise this compound as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that promotes muscle growth in the body, as a matter of fact – GW-501516 is not a SARM. No, it’s not part of the anabolic steroid family and therefore it is much safer and side effect-free.

Cardarine is a PPAR (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) that provides users enhanced stamina, endurance, and great muscle building.

When you go on a Cardarine cycle, the compound will cause weight loss, since it burns existing fat cells instead of creating new fat storage in the body. You’ll not only experience weight loss, but also have an increase in energy since it increases oxygen use.

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There are loads of benefits associated with the receptor. Going through many reviews we’ve made a list of all the guaranteed benefits associated with it:

Increases Fat Loss

You will be able to burn through a lot more calories than you would normally do. Not only does it use the existing fat cells in your body as fuel for your energy, but it also prevents the forming of new fat cells.

Because of the increase in energy, you will naturally feel more motivated to take part in longer more rigorous exercise routines.

With the boost in metabolism, you’ll also experience a much better digestive system efficiency.

Improves Cardiovascular Performance

The concern of damaging one’s heart function by incorporating SARM and PPARs into your diet is a real fear. Luckily, with Cardarine you won’t have any side effects on your heart’s function.

It actually strengthens and boosts stamina. This function allows users to push themselves during cardiovascular activities that entails cycling, running, sprinting, or jogging.

Many Cardarine reviews have testified that the high-energy effect lasts throughout the entire cycle.

Hormones Aren’t Suppressed

It’s one thing to achieve your physical body goals and a completely different thing if that comes with horrible side effects. Unlike anabolic steroids which can affect your sex drive and even the functioning of male genitalia, Cardarine doesn’t affect your natural hormone production. Keeping your sex drive normal. Some reviews even reported that they had experienced an increase in sex drive while using Cardarine.

There are no side effects related to increase in estrogen levels that might include the swelling of nipples, or physical tenderness. Making this supplement a great addition for both males and females.

No Need for a PCT

Because there’s no interference in your hormonal production, there’s no need for Post Cycle Therapy in order to reset your body.  Many users have said that they stack Cardarine with other SARMs. A recommended stack mate is Stenabolic, then you won’t need a PCT either.

You Don’t Need a High Dose

To add to the long list of benefits and pros, you can use Cardarine at extremely low dosages. The half-life of one of these tablets are between 10-24 hours. This means you only need to take a 10 milligrams tablet twice a day.

Most reviews have said that it’s best to take 10 mg with breakfast and before a training session, and one late afternoon before your afternoon training session. If you’re not used to training twice a day, this compound will provide you with the necessary boost of energy to add an extra workout to your daily routine. 


So, this is the question. Going off of countless online reviews, the simple answer is a clear ‘yes’.  Many users have reported that they started feeling the boost in energy, endurance, and stamina within 2-4 days.

Cardio sessions are bound to be much easier for those gym junkies who only enjoy doing heavy weight training. You will be able to increase the pace and keep up the speed for a longer period of time.  

Watch this review and personal experience of a bodybuilder and personal trainer who used Cardarine:


We know it’s almost impossible to believe, but when you stick to the dosage protocols, you won’t experience any side effects. Laboratory studies on mice have shown that giving them a dosage of more than 55 milligrams per day, did increase their chances of contracting serious medical illnesses.

It’s therefore important to stick to the guidelines to get the most out of the compound.

Overall, based on the reviews I’ve seen, it appears that Cardarine is proving that you can achieve great physical results without the unwanted side effects.


I am not an expert nor a professional in this field. Do not see this as medical advice. Please seek a professional opinion if and when necessary.

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It doesn’t mean that if I don’t personally use or visit a place or product, that I should not share it with you – as it may be of interest to you. I will speak to and collaborate with subject matter experts to do research and you of course, you are most welcome to do the same.

On that note, I personally have not tried GW-501516 Cardarine but I am very interested to hear from those who have. It’s such a controversial topic which has gauged my interest.

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