I am a Nervous daughter,

I want to prove to my parents that I will succeed.

I am a nervous wife,

I want to always be the best – in his eyes.

I am a nervous mother,

I don’t want to fail my children.

I am a nervous sister,

I’m not as extroverted as my sibling.

I am a nervous grandmother,

I am afraid my conventional ways won’t be accepted.

I am a nervous aunt,

I don’t have children of my own.

I am a nervous sister-in-law,

I am trying to fit it with the family.

I am a nervous mother-in-law,

I am trying to be accepting.

I am a nervous teacher,

I am trying to encourage equality.

I am a nervous employee,

I am not valued for my efforts cos I am not a man.

I am a woman.

I am a woman.

I overcome nervousness.

I’m strong like that.

I am a woman.

I believe in me.

I am a woman.

I love me.

I am a woman.

I overcome obstacles.

I am a woman.

Oh yes, I am a woman.

I’m proud to be me.

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