Do you have an innovative idea in mind, that’s at a stage where it’s become more than just an idea? Imagine the possibilities of bringing this idea to life if you had all the necessary resources? Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore…situated at the corner of two busy streets in Braamfontein, you will find the J&B Hive! It’s a communal workspace, event venue, and a creative incubator, where local entrepreneurs can apply for equity free investment to help grow their businesses.

I had the pleasure of recently attending the showcase of the J&B Hive. When I received the invitation, I knew that this was something I must attend because I have a huge amount of admiration of such an initiative and let me elaborate why…

…so often, as individuals, as families, as communities and even as businesses, we have fantastic creative and innovative ideas.  For many, this is where it all stops and before long, that idea “dies”.  One of the contributing reasons for this is due to a lack of funds whilst another reason is due to the lack of collaboration to set that idea off the ground. 

This is why I love the whole concept and drive of the J&B Hive – it’s living up to its tagline, “A catalyst for creative entrepreneurs” by allowing you the opportunity to grow your business. 

Collaborative, innovative, networking, extraordinary positive outcomes – those are just some of the keywords which have become synonymous with the J&B brand and this is what the J&B Hive is set out to achieve. By providing creative entrepreneurs with the resources required to ignite that idea into a flame that sets a community alight in ways that empower, grow and inspire.

On the evening of the showcase,  I was in awe to witness some of the creativity, not to mention the super cool vibe! So trendy, unconventional with an ambience that gets those creative juices flowing. Below are some of the photos of the showcase evening.

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 “We are calling all creatives in Joburg to come and see some of the incredible small start-ups that are thriving under The J&B Hive’s care. Our goal with the J&B Hive is to become the home of creative entrepreneurship in South Africa, giving the next generation of change-makers the tools, skills, and resources, they need to succeed,” says Ziyanda Malaba, J&B’s Senior Brand Manager.

Wherever your passion is rooted in the creative industry – from fashion to photography, cinema to music and more, successful applicants will enjoy the J&B Hive, where they will have access to (I’ve only mentioned a few):

  • Financial support
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Training
  • Top-Class equipment, including Apple software, cameras, lighting and more

I mean seriously, what else could you ask for? THIS is IT! Opportunity is knocking on YOUR door…what are you going to do?

In support of the wider creative community and to encourage further entrepreneurial growth, The J&B Hive also allocates complimentary weekly slots where individuals or businesses can make use of the venue to either showcase their offering or host learning events. Again, this is an opportunity to meet other small business owners and build a foundation for possible collaboration.

 “The J&B Hive is more than just a venue or a communal workspace. It’s an incubation hub that uses the power of collaboration and synergy to achieve great things. As a brand, J&B invests in the members not only to give them a step up but also to create what we as a brand are most proud of – a network of businesses that can rely on us, as well as each other to grow,” says Malaba.

Applications to become a member of the J&B Hive opened on the 28th September 2018 and will close on Monday 22nd October 2018 at midnight (CAT). For more information, visit

Have you recently been in the company of someone who had a great idea but all you heard them say was things like, “I don’t have the money,” “I don’t have contacts,” “I don’t have the equipment,”?  Well, they now have the incredible opportunity to apply to be part of J&B Hive, to gain access to one or all of those things they did not have at their disposal prior.

Perhaps this isn’t for you. Maybe you know someone with creative entrepreneurial flair? Do share this with anyone you believe that will benefit. After all, this is about collaboration and communities getting together in the upliftment of our beautiful country and this is a way in which you can contribute, as they say, sharing is caring.

Well done to J&B for this fantastic initiative!

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