It’s not easy being a Girl Boss, well not for everyone. Sometimes, a woman has to work harder to prove her capabilities, not because she isn’t great at what she does, but simply because of the discrimination and stereotyping of women.  In many industries, it is male-dominated, where recognition and promotional opportunities are scarce if you’re a woman, sadly so. More women these days are brave and take that risk to become entrepreneurs. The purpose of this post is to, therefore, celebrate & recognise Girl Bosses this Women’s Month.

The struggle is real though, with marketing and advertising costs which cost a small fortune just to get your brand noticed and get that foot in the door, sometimes takes months. Some businesses kick off well, with no or very little advertising needed. However, this isn’t the case for many.

This is where I saw an opportunity to help such women and if you are one of those Girl Bosses or know of one, please do take advantage of my offer and/or pass this opportunity forward:

Opportunity to Celebrate & recognise Girl Bosses

I am giving 3 Girl Bosses the opportunity to share their respective business on my blog, including social media platforms, free of charge. Here’s what it will include:

    • x1 Blog PostThe blog post will be an overview of your business, the content is to be provided by the Girl Boss. I will also require good quality photos 
    • Social Media Shares: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/LinkedIn – all or some of these platforms, depending on the type of business
    • Review: This is optional, depending on the business and/or product – If this option is applicable, it will be at no cost to myself – product/service/establishment to be provided by the Girl Boss
  • Giveaway: This is also optional. Should the Girl Boss want to offer a giveaway to my readers with the blog post, I will facilitate this free of charge

What do you have to do?

If you are a Girl Boss, simply send an email to Peanut Gallery 247 by clicking here; with the following information and subject: “GIRL BOSS

  • Name and Surname of the Girl Boss:
  • Business Name:
  • Location of Business:
  • Description of the Business: What is your business about? Services/Products offered?/Website?
  • Why would you like to share your business on Peanut Gallery 247?
  • Why should you/your business be selected?

Please comment below that you have sent your entry so that I may ensure that your mail has been received. 

If you are not a Girl Boss but know of a Girl Boss who would benefit from this, do not hesitate to share this post with them.

Please note that this opportunity is open to all GIRL BOSSES – small businesses, big businesses, Professionals and/or Girl Bosses running their business from home.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know using the “contact me” option or the comments section below, or e-mail me directly.


Deadline: All emails to be submitted by midnight, 27th August 2018

I don’t believe that Girl Bosses should only be celebrated in August – if the response to this opportunity is good, I am happy to extend this opportunity to one selected Girl Boss per month, so feel free to contact me outside of this particular opportunity.

Here’s to the sisters who are doing it for themselves. Let’s celebrate & recognise Girl Bosses!

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