Letting go is growing up…

If you continue to think about the nasty words that were said about you,
You are focusing on just that – nasty thoughts.

If you continue to think about people who have hurt you,
You focus on that pain.

If you continue to think about all that you didn’t achieve,
You are concentrating on failure.

If you are thinking about how you have been hurt,
You are feeling that pain still.

If you want to move forward,
Stop living in the past.
Forgive mistakes,
Forget what you didn’t achieve,
Rather concentrate on what you’re going to do.

Focus on building relationships.
Focus on how to love and be loved.
Focus on how to be grateful.
Focus on being proactive and not reactive.
Focus on living a life of substance that doesn’t dwell on feelings of remorse.

Anger doesn’t make you grow, it makes your life uglier.
Smile, be at peace with whatever has happened and accept it.
Acceptance is key to moving forward.
We cannot change things that have already happened,
But we surely can change things to make things happen the way we would like them to in the future.

If you find yourself wallowing in anger and bitterness,
It means you have not grown and not over whatever has happened.
As long as you feel this way,
You will be holding yourself back from other opportunities.

Don’t look back…move forward.
You have one life,
You have many choices to make,
The choices you make are going to shape the life that you have.
So make sure that your choices are based on purity and sincerity.

Some things are within our control,
The rest not.
When we try to challenge that,
We cause more pain to our own lives.

So, swallow your pride and release all negative energy.
Be the best person you can be,
Don’t let bad experiences define who you are.
Let them shape you to mould yourself into a masterpiece,
Where you’re the artist who acquires all the credit.

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