Does life sometimes feel like a sprint?

You find yourself continuously running and running…with no sense of direction. You’re running away from someone or something. The more you look back, the faster you want to run, but you’re actually slowing down and missing the beauty that lies in your journey. Sometimes it feels like a relay and you’re waiting endlessly for someone to pass you the baton. You take a step back trying to reach for it, but with a gush of excitement, you fall trying to reach for that baton.

Maybe, just maybe, if you focused on what lies ahead, this journey, or this marathon we call life, would be much more delightful. Why look back in regret when you can look forward to bright and beautiful things? There are going to be times we have to do things for ourselves and this means that we have to accept it isn’t a relay, we’ve got to run this marathon on our own.We spend far too much of time looking back at what went wrong, from the people we hurt or who hurt us to the jobs we didn’t get or the relationships that didn’t work out. In a marathon there are winners: the winners keep their eye on the goal, which lies ahead. They have a desire, they know what it is, they know where it is and they forge ahead with nothing holding them back. They know what they want and they go out there with all their might to get it.

You can run all you want but if your destination isn’t clear, you may just find yourself running around in circles, without actually achieving anything. Remember to have some support in this marathon, as everyone needs a little cheer to help them toward the finish line every now and then.

Stop running away and run toward…

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