There’s chocolate and then there’s LINDT. There’s just something remarkable about LINDT Chocolate. It’s undeniably smooth. I love the packaging, it has a distinguished elegant look and feel. Over the years, there has been a great variety, leaving you with many options to choose from, whatever the occasion may be…not that we need an occasion to have chocolates, do we?

I thought I would share with you the LINDT Chocolate Christmas Range. I know that choosing gifts over the Festive Season can be a nightmare at times. So, I hope this post makes your choice a little easier.

LINDOR Gold Range Pillow Box 100g - PeanutGallery247
Recommended RSP: R59.95

Chocolates go well with perfume. So, if you’re buying that special someone perfume, be sure that you get some chocolate to go with it. Not just any chocolate…but LINDT. There is a certain reputation attached to LINDT, it’s quality that is affordable. It’s a brand that’s been around since the 1800’s and the fact that it is still here to this day, speaks mountains.

It’s certainly seen as a luxury choice, so rest assured, that if you receive LINDT chocolates, someone is spoiling you. Yes of course, if you want to spoil someone, then this is surely the chocolate to buy.

Colleagues in the office will be whispering to each other and you won’t hear them say, “he got her chocolates,” – what they will say, is, “he got her LINDT chocolates” – yep -all the emphasis on the word LINDT.

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Recommended RSP R49.95

Here’s some inspiration for LINDT Chocolate

LINDT Chocolate to express Appreciation

If you don’t know someone well enough, but you want to get them something “small” as a token of appreciation, you can’t go wrong with LINDT chocolates.

If your child has a wonderful teacher at school, as a gesture to express appreciation, send the deserving teacher some LINDT chocolates.

If you make your spouse lunch, slip some LINDT chocolates into their lunch bag, it’s the perfect “extra touch” to make them feel special.

Wondering how to thank your customers for their support over the past year? Whatever gift you choose, make sure to include some of these LINDT chocolates from the festive range.

Receive excellent service from your waiter/waitress at your favourite restaurant? Why not give them some chocolates to say thank you.

If you want to thank employees for a productive work year, leave some LINDT chocolates on their desks before they arrive at work, to say, “thank you for your committment”

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Recommended RSP R44.95

LINDT Chocolates for special occasions

If you’re playing host this festive season, the LINDT chocolates festive range will make excellent edible decor.

If you’re doing a Secret Santa at the office, buy a variety of LINDT Chocolates to make up a chocolate hamper.

LINDOR Milk Range Gift Box 275g - Recommended RSP R129.95
Recommended RSP R129.95

LINDT Chocolate to get through PMS

If you’re a guy, on the receiving end of bad PMS, buy her some LINDT Chocolates, trust me, chocolate at that time of the month tastes better than ever and can be extremely relaxing for many women. She will love the festive packaging. Don’t let your festive season be ruined by PMS, allow LINDT to make it better.

Well, of course, if you’re a woman, buy yourself some, no explanation needed – you know how handy this will be when you have that craving for a chocolate! The smoothness of LINDT that will melt in your mouth…leaving you feeling much more relaxed.

LINDT Chocolate TEDDY and LINDOR Tin 55g - PeanutGallery247
Recommended RSP – R64.95

LINDT Chocolates for Kids

My toddler, Kayden, was in awe of the LINDT in store display when we went shopping a few days ago. He insisted on a LINDT Chocolate bunny and throughout our shopping, he held onto that bunny and didn’t let go. I think he may have thought it’s a POOH bear. Nonetheless, we bought him the cute Lindt Bear.

LINDT Chocolate TEDDY Milk 100g – PeanutGallery247
Recommended RSP R49.95

Get into the festive season celebratory mood with the exciting new products in the Christmas chocolate gifts range. This Christmas LINDT welcomes LINDT TEDDY Girl, the perfect companion for LINDT TEDDY Milk, to share in the Christmas spirit. You can further delight in the bliss with LINDOR Milk Pillar, LINDT TEDDY Milk Minis Cornet and LINDOR Gold Range Pillow Box.

LINDT Chocolate TEDDY Girl 100g - PeanutGallery247
Recommended RSP R49.95

Make your way to the nearest LINDT Chocolate Boutique for these perfectly decadent Christmas gifts and you can also enjoy the Teddy moulding classes on the following dates:

Cape Town and Johannesburg:

  • Saturday 2 December: 10am; 3pm; 6pm
  • Saturday 9 December: 6pm only
  • Saturday 16 December: 10am; 3pm; 6pm
  • Saturday 23 December: 10am; 3pm; 6pm
  • Saturday 30 December: 10am; 3pm; 6pm

To find out more about the LINDT Christmas product range as well as what is happening this Christmas, keep an eye on or


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4 Replies to “LINDT Chocolate Festive Range”

  1. Me too. My favorite is Lindt Excellence. I also enjoy the gentle melting of Lindor in my mouth. The summer edition is irresistible i.e. Lemon mint, berries, coconut.
    Lindt strives for maximum quality successfully with due respects to ethics and sustainability👍🏼.
    Even more reason to buy and enjoy😀.

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