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There was a certain type of melancholy in her voice,

Just like an acquainted memory,

Brought back to life.


She didn’t want to go down that road again,

The boulevard of pain.

She was standing at crossroads,

Not knowing which way to turn.

Left or right,

Both didn’t seem alright.

 She looked up into the sky,

Will there be a high?

She nodded with a sigh,

Disengaged, chin down in gloom.

Isolated and unfilled,

She thought about the qualms in her life.


It took her back,

Back to the boulevard of pain.

She stuttered incoherent words in vain,

Was it temporary disdain?


Standing at those crossroads,

She suddenly had a vision,

A vision of hope,

A vision of love,

In the form of a smile;

She visualised his face.

She could see his eyes,

Eyes that twinkled with innocence.

He was all she needed to escape the boulevard of pain.

He was her reason, and for every season,

She would fight this plight,

For his delight.

All her Qualms,

She will see them through,

For this life that she lives,

She lives it for him.


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10 Replies to “Love will lead the way”

  1. Wonderful! We have all been there, on that gloomy boulevard, what matters is to always remember the path that will take you back to yourself, to your shiny and happy self.

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