With the surge of superhero movies, it is almost unavoidable that children are exposed to superhero figurines through advertisements in print and digital media. It’s also a known fact that children learn through play and over the years, this has become more prevalent. They are more likely to engage in play activities when they are able to resonate with certain characters which are of interest to them. So here’s some inspiration for making playtime fun with The Incredibles 2 Family figurine pack.

When I was a kid, there wasn’t as much or any awareness of creative play, imaginative play, etc. Sure, it was all there, and we were doing it as we played with our toys but there just wasn’t as much literature freely available as there is today. Perhaps there was, and you only become more cognisant of these things when you become a parent yourself.

Either way, children and even adults love action figures, including my toddler Kayden. As we unboxed the Incredibles 2 Family Figurine Pack by Disney Pixar, sent to us by Prima Toys, Kayden stood there with excitement and a little short of some patience in excitement to play with them. The figurines were so tightly secure that it does require some patience when removing them from the packaging, so I don’t blame him for standing there waiting with anticipation.

Meet the Incredibles 2 Family:

Creative/Imaginative Play

Kayden uses The Incredibles 2 Family figurines to create various scenarios, sometimes talking to himself and sometimes we participate and engage in his make-believe stories.  Without fully understanding their superpowers at this stage, he uses them to roleplay family related scenarios. Sometimes we witness Mr. Incredible in Kayden’s Big Car Carrier, trying to rescue the rest of his family.

At other times, Elastigirl is playing mummy role to Jack-Jack as she rescues him from some of his dinosaurs. He has somehow associated them all with the concept of ‘rescue” without any intervention from us – he just watched a few videos and not the entire movie.

Through his interaction with the figurines, we see lots of family, love, and care being demonstrated.  Kayden has a naturally caring personality which family noticed and commented on when visiting us.  It melts my heart to watch him nurturing them as he fosters his natural characteristics through imaginative play.

Sometimes we hear our words to Kayden being repeated as he roleplays and acts like one of us.  “Jack-Jack, you making nonsense? I’m going to make you sit in the corner,”  That’s just funny and cute at the same time. Shortly after, Jack-Jack is rescued by Dash or Violet.

Other observations:

  • These action figures can be used for play or display
  • It’s made of plastic
  • It’s a good size which can be used for cake toppers
  • It’s not recommended for children under 3 years as it can be a choking hazard, so please do not allow your child to play with this unsupervised
  • I would have preferred the pack that doesn’t have them mounted on the base – they ones which have the legs and arms which can move (The Junior Super Action Pack) also not sure if this is available in South Africa – but Kayden isn’t aware of that option so he isn’t complaining

I think it will make a great stockings filler for The Incredibles fans and I think even if one isn’t a fan, curiosity will soon lead them to learn more about their characters and I am sure they will soon become fans.

Are you or your kids fans of The Incredibles?

Well, that’s all from me for now and I do hope that you are enjoying Kayden’s journey of development and mine of parenting – are you?

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2 Replies to “Making Playtime Fun with The Incredibles 2”

  1. Our family loves the Incredibles 2 movie…so much fun and I also like how the family dynamics and life situations are played out in the lives of the animated characters.

  2. I have not watched the Incredibles movie, I’m not a fan of animation but these figurines look great for cake toppers and they can be used as a toy afterward.

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