Oh my gosh! I literally got goosebumps! Let me share why…. They say that dynamite comes in small packages and she proves this saying right! This is a phenomenal emerging artist that I want to share with you: The 18 year-old dynamic MARIANTHE, whose hometown is Durban, has officially released her 2nd single today (7 February 2020) – called “Over You”

What a magnificent beautiful voice with such depth! What makes this song even more special for me personally, is that the timing of it’s release today, during the so called month of love, is perfect. Not everyone is celebrating love. Some have lost the ones they love, some are going through break ups and this song is great if you’re experiencing something similar. It’s inspiration to snap out of any negative feelings, it’s inspiration to find the strength to move on!

Whilst I am not going through a break up, I think back to the times when I did – a long time ago, but I do recall that pain. Sometimes it was so bad, I’d literally listen to songs that made me feel worse and yes, there were the uplifting songs too. Marianthe’s Over You, undoubtedly falls into the uplifting category.

I cannot deny the fact that I am so proud of the fact that she is South African. It certainly makes my heart happy knowing that we have so much of incredible talent in our beautiful country.

If we take the time to appreciate such talent and not be so focused on the negative things we see on the news, we will actively contribute toward uplifting spirits and mindsets across our country and the rest of the world.

It’s so easy to share “bad” news – negative things trend so quickly on social media. If you ask me, I believe Marianthe and Over Me should be trending! The rest of the world needs to discover this amazingly beautiful voice. But before we even get to the rest of the world…let’s all appreciate her.

Okay sorry, I should probably let you listen to the song, so that you know what I’m on about here…here we go…

Marianthe – Over You

Do you see what I mean? How beautiful is her voice, right? I must mention that I saw her for the first time on stage a few weeks ago at a live event – she wasn’t singing, she was actually a volunteer from the audience. I thought that there was something captivating about her, just didn’t know what and didn’t know who she was then.

If you’re a parent and have teenage children or children who are still dating or possibly experiencing a break up, I suggest that you share this song with them. It’s motivation this Valentine’s month for those in such situations. Love can be beautiful but it can also come with pain. Whether we like to admit it or not, the heartache of a breakup is never easy. A song like this can be the strength to move on.

Marianthe’s Over You –Out now across all digital platforms:

Says Marianthe; “Matt, Tjaart and I have been working on this single since last year. It went through many different stages and directions so being able to finally release it is a huge relief. Not because we eventually finished it, but because this final product is one that we are all so proud of and really enjoyed making together. I’m so excited to be able to share it with everyone. I’ve witnessed a few of my friends go through breakups and heartbreaks. I’ve watched how they have healed and become stronger. They’ve learnt how to become the best new version of themselves and this is the exact meaning behind my single.”

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As Marianthe continues to expand her voice and sound through her original music, the sky is the limit for this dynamic young talent! Her debut single release Me & Myself co-written and produced by Daniel Baron last July is about self love.

Her name is one you’re going to remember! Unless you’re Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist!

Songs and music help people. There are so many people that feel alone and even suicidal when they experience a breakup. It should not be that way. Life goes on. This song sends that message through…let me know in the comments what you think about it.

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