Just when you thought you’ve seen all the photos of the Miss SA 2018 Pageant…here’s more. I didn’t want to flood my Instagram feed with all these photos we took at the pageant, so I decided to do a blog post…not the usual blog post, but a photo gallery instead. If you didn’t go to the pageant this year or wasn’t able to watch it on television, you can get a glimpse of what went on through these images.

This year, the Miss SA Pageant took place at the Sun Arena Time Square in Pretoria and it is the official venue going forward. I think that’s great because it makes it so much more accessible. As a kid, I always used to watch the pageant faithfully on television every year and I wished I was able to be there and so that happened this year!

What an incredible red carpet experience! It was nice to get dressed up but it was even nicer to watch everyone else all dressed up and on the red carpet. If you wish to experience this, do yourself a favour; when the tickets go on sale next year, get yours, you will not be sorry! You can thank me then. Make it a date, make it a mother and daughter outing or a friends event, whatever you do…go and experience this live. 

The event itself was so well organised and the venue is undeniably where it’s all hot and happening. I love Time Square and I’m so chuffed that it’s the new home for the Miss SA Pageant.

I said this wasn’t going to be a blog post…so, without further ado,  let me get to those photos…I’m going to post the photos in two separate posts, this one being some of the photos on the red carpet. The next post will be of the photos captured during the pageant, so make sure you come back to visit or subscribe to my blog to receive notification of when it’s posted. 

Disclaimer: All photos are my own and may not be used without credit

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