Reigning Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert makes her television series debut as the host of the six-part Miss South Africa reality show, Crown Chasers, which starts on S3 on Saturday, June 29, at 20h30.

In the 6 x 60-minute series the Miss South Africa contestants are placed in real life scenarios that include challenges based on the four pillars of Miss South Africa – duty, championship, empowerment and beauty. A challenge winner will be chosen each week.

In addition, at the end of each thrilling episode, the judges will vote off one of the contestants, with those remaining going through to participate in the live grand finale at the SunBet Arena at Time Square in Pretoria on August 10.

Speaking of her role in the series, Joubert says: “I am delighted that my first opportunity to host a television show is with Crown Chasers. I have always wanted to step into the hosting and presenting space – one day I would love to be a sports presenter – so my goal has always been to get experience in the television field. Although hosting hasn’t always been easy and has been challenging at times, I am growing more confident as filming progresses and I am becoming more comfortable. This is something I am definitely going to pursue after my reign ends in August.”

Joubert explains what viewers can expect in this season of the popular programme which gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of the contestants’ Miss South Africa journey and presents a fresh perspective when it comes to pageantry.

“This season will once again offer something different. We will be changing up the challenges each week so that the person who eventually takes the crown will be equipped for her new role. For me, this is the purpose of Crown Chasers – to expect the unexpected when it comes to what Miss South Africa is. It’s not just about glitz and glamour but it is a really hard and demanding job. Viewers are going to get to know the contestants and see them develop and grow week-on-week and see who we get those who make it to the live finale.”

And Joubert’s advice to the contestants?

“Expect something totally out of your comfort zone and be prepared for something different each week. If you’re not challenged during this process, then something is wrong. You need to be open to knowing that there are going to be lows and highs and that you are going to go back to your room and feel that perhaps you are not ready to be Miss South Africa. But that’s when you know that you are growing and that you are pushing yourself. At the end I promise you that you will know more about yourself,” Joubert explains.

“Having taken part in Crown Chasers myself, I remind the contestants every day that it is tough and they may often be sleep deprived but that they should be as authentic as they can and not put up any form of façade. What I am loving already is that, although the contestants are in a competition, they are so incredibly supportive of each other and are building true friendships. Viewers are going to enjoy getting to know them.”

Download the Miss South Africa app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Miss South Africa is presented by Weil Entertainment in association with Sun International. S3 is the official broadcast partner.

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  1. The host is absolutely lovely, so are the contestants. Seems to be a really exciting event,

    1. Natasha is beautiful indeed and this is one event I’ve loved from the time I was a child 😊

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