Some people walk out of our lives by choice or mutual agreement and some just leave without warning.

Either way, their absence sometimes creates a sigh of relief or it leaves a hole in our heart.

That hole, they say, takes time to heal…

They never tell you how much of time.

Forever is a measure in and of time.

How can time erase the memory of a loved one?

Someone so dear, so loving and so wonderful?

Every occasion and every day,

You ask yourself why and you wish you had a little more time with this person.

The memory of their smile,

The memory of their laugh,

The memory of their being…

It all seems like it was just yesterday that they were there with you and suddenly,

They’re gone, just like that!

You try to take solace in the fact that death prevails in this life for us all…

Yet deep down inside,

You’re angry. You’re sad.

Angry & sad cos they’re gone too soon.

You see them smile.

You hear them laugh.

You listen to their words of wisdom that have become etched in your heart.

There are those memories that make you smile.

But there are those that make you sad.

Sad because you miss them.

Sad because you want them there.

Sad because you need them.

Sad because you love them.

Even though they’re gone,

They’ve never left the place where they reside in your heart.

There’s a certain kinda void that can never be replaced, or filled, no matter how long.

That’s just the way that it is.

That’s just the way some people are.

They can leave an imprint in your life,

Even if they touched your life for a brief period of time.

As we step into another year,

Let us remember these special people &

All that we have learned from them.

Let us use the memory of their smile as inspiration and motivation.

Let us remember that they’d want the best for us.

Let us remember that they’d not want us to be sad.

That would make them feel bad,

I’d also like to just add,

That it’s not a tad bit bad,

If you’re feeling somewhat mad.

Missing them like crazy,

You’re surely going to feel all sorts.

Get all the support,

That’s your only resort.

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9 Replies to “Missing a loved one”

    1. I feel blessed too, I just mostly wish we had more time to spend with her, it’s hard when Kayden asks for his granny

        1. Oh no, that’s probably worse. I do hope that things will work out to change that but if not, to accept and let go. Sending hugs your way 🤗

    1. It’s feels worse on special occasions. On a more positive note, greetings and best wishes to you for 2019 😊

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