Wow! How time flies. Doesn’t it feel like just the other day that it was Mother’s Day. Actually, it was almost a year ago.  Before you know it, the 17th of May 2017 will be here! It’s not too late to consider what you are going to get the mum in your life – if you haven’t already thought about it and I hope that this post will serve as some inspiration.

Mother’s Day to me is about celebrating, appreciating and remembering these special women in our lives who didn’t just give birth to us, but have been there for us significantly.

To me, it’s not merely about buying a gift but more the effort that is made and the time that is spent to make a mother feel special, for the value she has added to our lives and still does.With that being said, if you are going to purchase a gift, it should be meaningful and not just something you got for the sake of giving her a gift. It should not be an expectation. This means that one should be very observant and try to find out what your mother likes, wants or needs.

Here are my personal favourite gift ideas, in no order of preference.


I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like perfume. With such a variety of perfumes to choose from, this can be very time-consuming. Take a sneak peek into her perfume collection and get a sense of what she likes. You’re most likely going to forget the names, so whip out your phone and take a pic. When you go to a perfume store, the consultant will be able to advise you which perfumes are like the ones she currently uses. If you’re feeling brave, you could simply choose one that you think smells divine and would suit her! Have a look at my previous post of my favourite perfumes

Pandora Charms

Believe it or not, I’m still not over this phase. This mummy can never have too many charms! If they don’t all fit on the bracelet, just get another bracelet. Take the time to choose something that will have some meaning or message attached to it, she will appreciate this and do remember to point out your reason for choosing it so that she is aware of its significance.

Wrist watch

This is one of my weaknesses and I am unashamed to admit I have a few! I don’t believe you can ever have “enough” watches. Be observant, have a look at the type of watches she uses. If they are generally small faced, maybe choosing a face that is very huge will not be the greatest idea.

A handbag

Be sure to check what brand she currently uses. Hint for clues to find out what other brands she prefers. Many women are very selective about brands and whilst you may have the right idea about buying her a handbag, just make sure it’s the right brand.

A special lunch/dinner

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like going out on Mother’s Day as it’s too busy at most places and less intimate. I would prefer a special lunch or dinner arrangement at home or even a picnic in a serene setting. If you are not good at cooking, you could order in or have a caterer to arrange the food – you could add a few extra touches with an attractive table setting and/or décor. She will be grateful for the effort.


Buy her tickets to a live show – a music concert or theatre performance. If she is sporty, then tickets to a live match. Give her the tickets with a bouquet of flowers as she is most likely going to use the tickets in the future and not on Mother’s Day itself.

A voucher for a spa treatment

Does your mum usually go to a spa? If this is taboo to her as she may be shy or just not want anyone to touch her, then don’t even consider this as an option. However, if you can recall times where she treated herself to a spa, then do consider getting her a pamper package – either a half day or full day package

A shopping voucher

I would not choose a voucher for a specific shop unless I knew she only shops at this shop. I would instead choose a shopping mall voucher, so that she could choose to shop at any shop within that mall. It also doesn’t restrict her to just clothes, she could use it for absolutely anything she desires from any shop in that mall

A weekend away

Sometimes it is just nice to get away. Book a weekend away at a resort for pure relaxation where she can unwind with the family but not have to worry about any household chores or work, if she is a working mum

If you’re on a lower budget, and None of the ideas above are suitable, here a few items to consider, depending on what she enjoys;

  • A book for the mum who loves to read
  • Bedroom slippers and a winter/summer gown for the mum who enjoys being cosy at home
  • A jersey or jacket for the mum who feels cold
  • Shoes/boots if you are confident of her style
  • A bottle of bubbly for the mum who enjoys a glass or two
  • A box of chocolates for the mum who has a sweet tooth

Remember, it’s not about the presents but about the presence – if you can’t be there physically as distance keeps you apart, nothing stops you from making effort from wherever you are to arrange a special day for your mum.

Mothers Day 2017 PeanutGallery247

Do take note that this is also a very emotional day for those who have lost their mums or for mums who have lost a child or can’t have a child. Remember these mums and those who have lost their mums. Offer your support to those who are still suffering from this loss. It is not easy but having support will make this day more bearable for anyone in this situation.


Finally, feel free to drop a hint to anyone who is battling with ideas about what to get you – just send them a link to this post if any of the ideas appeal to you. You will find links directly below this post for sharing options.

I hope that you will all enjoy Mother’s Day! (17th May 2017)

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5 Replies to “My favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas”

  1. I have a sinus allergy – my mom too, so we are not fond of perfume, lol. Great list you have here. A getaway sounds lovely… And the handbag and and and

    1. I think it’s so much easier to get us women a gift than it is for men. So even with a sinus allergy…the options are unlimited 😀 one of the perks of being a woman 😉 thanks for stopping by Melissa 🤗

  2. Fabulous post – I would be happy with any of those presents…. I am hoping for pandora charms for my bracelet. Each charm has some special meaning for me. Happy Mothers a day to all – it’s 14th May for us mums down under 😃🐻

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