The things in life that were meant to break me,
have often been the things that have allowed me to grow, both mentally and emotionally.
I’ve cried myself to sleep many times in the past,
I’ve suffered in silence.

I had to go through a lot to get to where I am now.
People have often said, “I don’t know how you dealt with that” and I’d respond by saying “I didn’t have a choice”.

You see, my passion burned brighter than my fears.
I wasn’t born a strong woman, the challenges in life have made me strong.

There were so many times that I could have blamed circumstances but instead I didn’t let those circumstances define me.
I’ve hit rock bottom more than once and I got up stronger because I have a warrior spirit within.

I’ve been perceived as being stubborn or unfriendly at times and I’m OK with that because I refuse to be disrespected & mistreated.
I don’t suck up because I know my worth and if someone else can’t see that, well then, that’s their problem.
I’d rather walk away because it takes courage to do so than to tolerate anything or anyone who makes me feel less than happy.

The world doesn’t see my tears or my fears.
I’ve done a good job of hiding them, sometimes even from myself and to my own detriment.
Sometimes I’ve held back the tears because I thought I had to be strong all the time.

But why?

Could it be that I was afraid of what others may think?
Could it be because I was afraid of “giving up too soon”?
Could it be that I was afraid to feel? Afraid to feel weak?
How could I be weak when everyone expected me to be strong?
Was it the fear of change?
Was it the fear of failure?
Was it the fear of inadequacy?
Or could it have just been all of that?

If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have come across some posts that I’ve shared about my “Journey of Self-Reflection” – I haven’t quite gotten into depth and I have delayed it. I’ve been building up the courage, the courage to share some of my mistakes, discoveries and lessons as I reflect and I aim to share this dauntlessly so.

It takes some effort to post a pretty picture on social media but it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there by sharing your mishaps, fears and insecurities. So why then would I even choose to go that route?

It’s simple; it’s because I hope my lessons in life will motivate and inspire others, especially you reading this blog post – that’s the very reason I began blogging in the first place.

Would you like to read more about my Journey of Self Reflection?

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